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Kyle Donovan hopes the Sharks fork over some cash for iFork, his line of utensils and silverware that “hover” above the table, in Shark Tank episode 916. Donovan didn’t like it when his utensils touched dirty tables, so he created silverware that keeps forks, knives and spoons “suspended” above the table. The secret is a little ball that lifts the business end of dining utensils off the table. This eliminates germs that might be on a dirty table from getting on the utensils.

He tried getting the business off the ground with an IndieGoGo campaign that raised only $4624 (on a $25,000 goal) back in 2013. Since then, he’s created a whole line of utensils, cups and plates that interlock and allow diners to keep their food protected and germ free. There are stainless steel versions that either stack or rest on the iFork ball and there is a complete line of plastic cutlery (including “sporks”). Donovan has patents for his products and they’ll begin selling in Wal-Mart soon.

In addition to the cutlery, he sells a complete plasticware “system.” The set comes with a plastic knife, fork, spoon, plate and cup. The pieces interlock to allow diners to hold their entire meal, utensils and all, with one hand. An 8 pack of the combo sets costs $19.99. Stainless steel utensils cost $125 for six settings (fork, salad fork, knife, teaspoon, tablespoon). He hopes to sell to consumers and the restaurant trade. Donovan likely needs a Shark to help with both manufacturing and distribution.

Will a Shark set the table for a deal?

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i Fork Utensils and Party Ware

iFork Shark Tank Recap

Kyle enters the Tank seeking $100,000 for 5% of his company. He tells his story and gives his pitch, ending it while doing a little dance while holding the interlocking plate, cup and utensils. He hands out samples of the interlocking set up with some snacks for the Sharks. He reveals he did a 500 store test with Wal Mart. It sold through, but he wants a Shark’s help building his brand.

Barbara jumps right in and offers $100,000 contingent on redesigning both the plates and packaging. Mark doesn’t like the packaging either, he goes out. Lori thinks it will be tough to market; she’s out. Rohan quickly follows. Robert says Barbara would be a good partner; he’s out. Kyle counters Barbara at 15% and they agree on a deal.

iFork Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Barbara did not close. In a rather strange turn of events, Donovan sued a member of his coop for defamation. The woman sent an email to coop residents that Donovan was running a whorehouse out of his basement unit. Apparently, the woman jumped to conclusions after viewing people attending his Shark Tank watch party. You can read about that fiasco HERE.

As of June, 2021, the website is still live, but social media hasn’t been updated since April, 2018 – two months after the initial air date. Donovan doesn’t list ownership in the company on his linked in page and the products are no longer on Amazon. The ifork LinkedIn Page says the company is still operational and a reliable business site says they’re doing about $93,000 in revenue. Since June, 2019 Donovan has been working on The Incubator (The Incc),  a Multicultural Media & Social Networking Platform launching Fall 2021. As of July, 2022, the new platform has not launched but products are still listed for sale on the company website. Also in July, Donovan announced he’d be shutting down the company Facebook page to focus “on our stainless steel line.”

By March, 2023, he has a revamped website featuring his new stainless steel line. He is starting a new Facebook page for those products. As of August, 2023, the Incubator still hasn’t launched and, while he is selling the stainless steel line on his webpage, there still isn’t a new Facebook page.