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Noene USA Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 6

noeneFormer NFL linebacker Bryon Scott pitches Noene USA, a line of high tech, ultra shock-absorbing insoles in Shark Tank episode 624. As a veteran of the Atlanta Falcon, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, and Buffalo Bills, Mr. Scott knows something about absorbing shocks (and applying them). Scott is actually the US distributor for Noene, the insoles are made in Switzerland by the parent company. He got mentoring through an NFL seminar called ”Investment for Impact” that is part of the NFL’s program to help players adjust to life after football.

What makes Noene insoles so special is the proprietary material that make up the insoles. According to the website, “Noene is a type of rubber, which, thanks to its internal structure and special composition, has particular characteristics that make it very different from traditional elastomers.” The insoles were originally made for workers in heavy industries; since it has such good shock absorption properties, athletes and dancers began using the product.

The Noene USA website sells two versions of the insoles: the “Invisible” and the “Dance Lite.” A pair of Noene insoles runs from $30-$40. The business is unique to the Shark Tank – Noene USA is a sales and distribution organization, not a unique product or company created by the entrepreneur in the Tank. Mr. Scott likely hopes to leverage his celebrity as a former NFL star to create market share for the product. He likely needs a Shark to assist him with acquiring inventory and setting up distribution arrangements.

Will Neone USA absorb a Shark investment?

Noene Shark Tank Recap

Bryon enters seeking $100K for 10% of the company. He explains his product and demonstrates the difference between Noene and regular insoles. When he puts a piece of glass under the Noene insole and drops a bocce ball on it – the glass doesn’t break and the Sharks are impressed.

He hands out samples and explains the insoles go under your shoe’s insole. Bryon explains how he’ll expand from insoles to tennis racquet grips and other applications. He explains he has an exclusive distribution agreement for the US and Canada. Byron buys the insole for $6 and sells them for $29. He has no sales yet because he only got the distributorship 6 months ago.

Mr. Wonderful says the valuation is too high. Robert doesn’t think the story adds up, he’s out. Kevin says he’d need 50% of the business, so he’s out. Lori says she’ll test the product, but she’s out. Mark says he’ll make an offer with “a lot of contingencies.”

Mark offers $100K for 20% if Bryon can convince Daymond will come in with him and use the insoles in Daymond’s Etonic shoe company. Daymond says he’ll do $100K for 20% in addition to Mark’s $100K for another 20% for a total of 40% for $200K. Bryon counters with $200K for 25%, Mark and Daymond counter with $200K for 30% and Bryon accepts.

RESULT: DEAL with Mark and Daymond for $200K for 30% of Noene USA

Noene Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Mark and Daymond never closed. The company added the Multisole NO2, a thicker insole, to  the line. In September, 2020, the  business was acquired by Foot Solutions, Inc. for an undisclosed amount.

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  1. catherine otondo says


    After viewing the interview with Mr. Scott so many of us were anxious to try this insole. I would like to know which version of the insole was he demonstrating on the show and WHERE and WHEN can we buy it ?

    Please advise !

    Looks like a fabulous product …
    God bless


    • Vince Burke says

      I have a great idea to expand this product from all the injuries and discomforts I have seen since the creation of turf and sports play. I have been doing orthopedics and performance training for over 30 yrs. I alway have said to the athletes I see at all levels if you don’t take care of your feet your feet will not take care of you. I would be interested to discuss my insole project with your owners and develop team. Please feel free to contact me . Thanks and Sincerely , Vince Burke

  2. Bill Thomas says

    I am a restaurant manager on my feet 9-11hours a day. I have had surgeries in both feet. My left foot was fused in 2012. My right foot has had three broken bones and a series of bone spur removals. My feet hurt all the time. Will these help? I wear orthotics in my work shoes. I buy New Balance 626 non-slip work shoes. Give me your thoughts. This could revolutionize the work shoe market. Plus I live north of Atlanta in Lawrenceville and the Atlanta Falcons are my team to cheer for. Hook me up! Rise Up!

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