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zinepak Kim Kaupe and Brittany Hodak pitch their wildly successful “audience engagement” business, called ZinePak, in Shark Tank episode 626. The two women, along with a staff of ten, create unique content for fans of celebrities, musicians, sports stars, TV Shows, movies and more. The content often consists of a magazine and other exclusive goodies like CD’s, magnets, even flower seeds.

The ZinePak (pronounced “ZEEN PACK) gals put together packages for the likes of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez. Sometimes the ZinePak is a limited edition item, other times, as in the case of Taylor Swift, they’re available at retail locations like Wal Mart. The celebrities like offering a ZinePak to their fans and the fans are grabbing them as fast as ZinePak can make them.

Kaupe and Hodak started the business in 2011 after meeting at work at a New York ad agency. Since that time, they’ve grown ZinePak into a multi-million dollar business with over $25 million in sales. They meet with the client, brainstorm ideas for the ZinePak, then set their staff to work creating content and goodies to include in the package. A ZinePak can be created as a retail product or as a giveaway for a special event. They even do digital ZinePaks.

The women are likely looking for a Shark to help round out their show business connections. Will a Shark take a bite out of ZinePak?

ZinePak Shark Tank Recap

Kim and Brittany entered seeking $725K for 5% of the business. They want the money to expand beyond their music industry roots. They hand out samples with Shark trading cards. Their business model is to sell physical products with music CD’s in the digital download age.

They’ve done $30 million in sales so far, but they they are still expanding. Nobody at Brittany’s old job thought this idea would work, so naturally they started the business. They’re actually turning customers away.

Kevin offers $725K for 35%, but Kim and Brittany balk. Even with $8 million in projected sales next year, they need a Shark to help them expand into other verticals. After hearing that, Mark goes out. Daymond then offers $725K for 30%. Robert says he gets it, then Lori offers to go in with Robert for $725K for 20% and Daymond goes to 25%.

After a break, Kim and Brittany counter with $725K at 14%. Mr. Wonderful goes out. Daymond goes to 20%. Lori and Robert counter at 17.5% and they accept!

RESULT: DEAL with Lori and Robert for $725K for 17.5%

ZinePak Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Lori and Robert never closed. The Shark Tank appearance super charged their business however and the company changed the name to The Superfan Company. In 2018, Hodak sold her share of the company for an undisclosed amount to focus on speaking and consulting. In 2020, Kim rebranded the business again to Bright Ideas Only. She had to change the name due to a a cease-and-desist for trademark infringement on the word ‘superfan’. As of January, 2023, the company is still in business with annual revenue of $5 million.

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