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ShredSkinzKalaii Griffin II hopes to seal a deal for ShredSkinz, his disposable and recyclable sauna suits, in Shark Tank episode 1406. The former Division 1 football player at The University of Texas El Paso started the business in October, 2020. As a division one athlete, he keeps himself in pretty good shape.

Sauna suits like ShredSkinz trap body heat. Advocates of this type of workout wear say the suits help you lose extra pounds, gain muscle, and sweat off water weight. Research shows it works because your sweat is more diluted and it increases your post work out metabolic activity. People with heart disease and diabetes and some other health issues should avoid sauna suits.

For sanitary reasons, the ShredSkinz sauna suits are disposable. Other sauna suits on the market are not disposable and require frequent cleaning. They get pretty gross and smelly too. A 5 pack costs $25.99 and you can get 20% off if you do a monthly subscription. Kalaii is likely looking for a Shark to help him get broad distribution.

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ShredSkinz Shark Tank Recap

Kalaii will pitch the panel of five Sharks on the business and its prospects for growth. He’ll need to convince Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky that the company is worthy of a Shark investment. A good business plan, good financials, and sales data will impress the Sharks, but he’ll need to show them HE is capable of running the company to “Shark standards.” A full pitch re-cap on ShredSkinz will be available on Shark Tank Blog once this episode airs.

ShredSkinz Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Once an episode has aired, we monitor the progress of the businesses featured, whether they receive funding or not and report on their progress. The Shark Tank Blog will follow-up on ShredSkinz & Kalaii Griffin II as more details become available.

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