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Middle School Shark Tank Unit

Shark Tank has a big effect on how Americans view small business and there are stories of regional “Shark Tanks,” college business pitch contests, and teachers conducting a Shark Tank unit in their classes in the news frequently. There are about 5,000 subscribers to the Shark Tank Blog and recently one of them, Judi Holst, […]

How to Get On Shark Tank

Lots of entrepreneurs and “wantrepreneurs” ask how to get on Shark Tank and finding good advice is important if you want to make it happen. Here at the Shark Tank Blog, I conduct many interviews with the entrepreneurs who appear on the show. If you want to know how to get on Shark Tank, reading […]

Daymond John Video Funny Shark Tank Moments

Shark Branding is one of Daymond John’s enterprises and one of his people put together a Daymond John video of his funnier moments. Daymond is known for funny one liners on Shark Tank and you could probably fill a half an hour with some of the funny stuff he says. For Daymond John, video is […]

Shopify Powers Shark Tank Entrepreneur Websites

Web traffic drastically increases when a business appears on Shark Tank and more entrepreneurs are learning that Shopify eCommerce sites are well equipped to handle the server crushing traffic websites receive in the show’s aftermath. Tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of visits to websites as an entrepreneur pitches in the Shark Tank are a […]

What is The Shark Tank Effect?

The Shark Tank Effect is an entrepreneurial phenomena that, until just a few years ago, was unknown. The Shark Tank TV show created it, and it is taking on a life of its own. On the surface, people think Shark Tank should be about start-up businesses getting the capital to get their venture off the […]

Shark Tank Success Stories

Shark Tank Success Stories go beyond what happens on TV. Behind each business that appears on the show is a hard-working person or group of people who share a dream to make their business succeed. Each week, ABC highlights their Shark Tank success stories in the update segment (usually following the first pitch). These updates […]

SassaB and The Shark Tank Effect

You’ll never see SassaB being pitched on the Shark Tank. Entrepreneur Tracy Sanders loves the show and she’s a huge fan, but she’ll never apply. She doesn’t have to, her linkable hair charms business is already successful. While she’ll never be on air, Tracy attributes the success of SassaB to the Shark Tank! It’s a […]