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How to Get On Shark Tank

shopify logo How to Get On Shark Tank

Lots of entrepreneurs and “wantrepreneurs” ask how to get on Shark Tank and finding good advice is important if you want to make it happen. Here at the Shark Tank Blog, I conduct many interviews with the entrepreneurs who appear on the show. If you want to know how to get on Shark Tank, reading through those interviews is a great place to start.

How to Get on Shark Tank and Make it Pay Off

Getting on the show is one thing, making the best of the appearance – no matter how it is edited – is another kettle of fish altogether! A five to eight minute appearance on Shark Tank has the potential to change the course of a business forever, provided the entrepreneurs take full advantage of The Shark Tank Effect.

Part of the Shark Tank Effect is server crushing internet traffic to a business’s website. Having a good eCommerce shopping cart that won’t crash can be the difference between  just a few sales to hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. Some of the most successful Shark Tank entrepreneurs that figured out how to get on Shark Tank use Shopify for their eCommerce solution. Not one single entrepreneur I’ve interviewed who uses Shopify experienced an interruption in their eCommerce shopping cart; that’s probably why Shopify is the eCommerce provider of choice for Mark Cuban and Daymond John.

Shopify Shares Secrets to eCommerce Shark Tank Success

The folks at Shopify enjoy working with successful Shark Tank entrepreneurs and e-Businesses of all kinds. Simply put, if you have an online shopping cart, they’re the folks to talk to. As the Shopify people become more and more familiar with the challenges of providing eCommerce solutions for entrepreneurs who know how to get on Shark Tank, and they’ve learned some things themselves. There is a great article on the Shopify blog that tells people how to get on Shark Tank.  They offer lessons on valuation, figure how much you should ask for, give you terms you should know, and have several successful case studies of Shark Tank entrepreneurs. If you’re thinking about trying out for the show, it’s a must read.

Check out how to get on Shark Tank on the Shopify Blog HERE.

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