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Paleo Diet Bar

paleo diet barShauna Sledge is no stranger to health and nutrition, this is what led her to spend “countless hours in a commercial kitchen week after week” developing the Paleo Diet Bar. Shauna, along with husband Todd, are into the cross fit scene and are proponents of the Paleo Diet: a diet based on the notion that human metabolisms are better suited to foods from the paleolithic era of human development.

The Paleo Diet eschews processed foods, gluten, and grains. Meat, veggies, fruit, and nuts make up the bulk of the diet. With these parameters in mind, Sledge developed the recipe for the Paleo Diet Bar. She wanted a diet bar that those living the “hunter gatherer lifestyle” could trust as being 100% paleo diet friendly. Her parent company, Braap Nutrition, developed the bars and they began selling the product with “Carl the Caveman” as a mascot back in 2013.

Sledge pitches the Paleo Diet Bar to the Sharks in Shark Tank episode 626. She hopes the Sharks like her paleolithic treats (fish is part of the diet) so she can get an investment to grow the business.

My Take on the Paleo Diet Bar

Despite my sometimes caveman-like tendencies, I don’t follow the Paleo Diet. I like a good steak for sure, but I like my fries, too.  I’m also not one for nutrition or snack bars. I probably wouldn’t buy this product, but it appears the Sledges are carving out a nice niche for their product.

There are only two flavors: Cranberry Almond and Cinnamon Raisin. Just like the cavemen, the Sledges keep things simple. As for the taste, I can’t say, but reviews on Amazon range from “delicious” to “it was so bad I couldn’t finish it.” The problem I have with the business is, whether it tastes good or not, it’s very niche. I never even heard of the Paleo Diet before this Shark Tank episode.

Will Sharks be Cavemen?

I am going to guess things don’t go well for Paleo Diet Bars or Shauna Sledge in the Shark Tank. The episode’s press release says the Sharks drive one of the entrepreneurs to tears; I am betting it’s Mrs. Sledge, I just don’t think this is a product the Sharks will get behind – it’s too niche for them. I also think the Sharks won’t like the taste, which could prompt Shauna to shed some tears.

Shauna and her husband put a lot of hard work into the Paleo Diet Bar. When the Sharks rip an entrepreneur to the point of tears, it gets to me. It may be a niche product, but it’s a quality product for those that seek it out. Just because the Sharks don’t like it, they don’t need to be mean.

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  1. Dr. Christopher Sakezles says

    I don’t think she cried because of what they said. I just think she got herself worked up. The Sharks were all very nice to her.

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