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Super Mix Studio: Where Creativity Meets Fashion

On November 3, 2023, television screens across the nation will light up with anticipation as Jennifer Stein-Bischoff, the Founder and CEO of Super Mix Studio, steps onto the iconic stage of Shark Tank to showcase her groundbreaking business. Supermix Studio is no ordinary fashion company; it’s the world’s first interactive custom kids clothing company, and it’s redefining the way we think about fashion and individuality.

Super Mix Studio: A Vision of Individuality

Super Mix Studio is a company that thrives on celebrating individuality and self-expression. Jennifer Stein-Bischoff’s vision for Super Mix is as refreshing as it is inspiring. She created this one-of-a-kind platform to empower kids, and their parents, to take the design chair and create clothing that is uniquely their own. In a world of mass-produced fashion, Super Mix stands out by giving everyone the opportunity to have a hand in designing their own boutique-quality apparel.

At the core of Supermix’s philosophy is the belief that everyone has a unique voice and style that should be celebrated. Jennifer’s love for creating with her own children served as the catalyst for Super Mix Studio, where design becomes a tool for self-expression and celebrating the spark that makes every individual special.

A Fashion Maverick with a Unique Blend

Jennifer Stein-Bischoff’s journey to Super Mix Studio is marked by her impressive career in the fashion industry. With over two decades of experience as a top design and merchandising executive, she’s left her mark on some of the most recognizable brands in the business. Her unique blend of creativity and business acumen has seen her successfully launch and rebrand iconic fashion lines, such as Aeropostale, FILA, and Sean John.

Jennifer’s accomplishments in the fashion world are a testament to her prowess as a design and operations executive. She’s been a driving force behind growth, innovation, and transformation for the brands she’s been involved with. Her ability to communicate a vision, influence organizations, and drive results has set her apart in the industry.

From South Beach to the World Stage

Jennifer’s journey into the fashion world began in the vibrant and creative atmosphere of Miami’s South Beach. It was there that she launched her first clothing collection, Jender, which quickly grabbed the attention of influential musicians. In a remarkable twist of fate, she even toured with the legendary Jane’s Addiction, dressing the band in her brand, a testament to her early talent and creative vision.

Following her time in Miami, Jennifer moved to the epicenter of fashion, New York City. In the heart of the fashion industry, she held key merchandising and design roles that allowed her to influence brands, revive businesses, and manage sales volumes exceeding $500 million. Her roles as Vice President of Design at notable brands such as American Rag, Aeropostale, Sean John, and Tommy Hilfiger established her as a respected figure in the world of fashion. Her remarkable achievements included receiving an award from Macy’s for the “Best Comeback Brand” during her time at Tommy Hilfiger.

A Bright Future on Shark Tank

Jennifer’s journey from South Beach to the Shark Tank stage is a testament to her creativity, determination, and unshakable belief in the power of individuality. Super Mix Studio isn’t just a fashion company; it’s a movement that empowers people to express themselves through clothing like never before.

As Super Mix Studio steps into the spotlight on Shark Tank, we can only anticipate the positive impact this unique venture will have on the world of fashion. Jennifer’s journey, from dressing rock legends to empowering kids and their parents to design their own clothing, is a story of creativity, innovation, and the celebration of individuality. Supermix Studio is not just about clothing; it’s about finding and celebrating the spark that makes each of us unique. It’s about creating a world where we can all proudly say, “This is me.”

My Take on Super Mix Studio

If this had been around when my kids were little, I would have been all over this. I like how a kid can really design their own clothing. It’s a great idea. Sadly, I’ll have to wait for grand children if I ever want to see this in action,.

Do Sharks Think this idea is Super?

I could go on about why I think which Sahrk will do what, but I won’t. She isn’t going to get a deal. How do I know? She has an IndieGoGo campaign set to go live the night she airs on Shark Tank. If she got a deal, she wouldn’t do that.

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