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Tik Piks – The Magical Guitar Picks

tik piksGet ready to tune in on November 3, 2023, as two extraordinary entrepreneurs, Nick Nowak and Kevin McDonald, take the stage on Shark Tank to present their innovative business, Tik Piks. These two co-founders bring a unique blend of musical talent and business acumen to the table.

Meet the Tik Piks Team

Nick Nowak is no stranger to the business world, having previously founded Skog Å Kust outdoor gear and co-founded Breakers Beach Supply. But his creative prowess doesn’t stop there. Nick is also an award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, known by his stage name, Nicholas George. His multifaceted background in music and entrepreneurship provides a dynamic foundation for Tik Pik’s success.

On the other side of this musically-infused entrepreneurial duo, we have Kevin McDonald. Kevin is the founder of Elsie Marshall – The Shot Granny’s Whiskey, a venture inspired by his hit song “Granny Drinks Whiskey.” As a national touring country artist and songwriter based in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Kevin knows the ins and outs of the music industry and what musicians need to enhance their craft.

The Product

Tik Piks is a groundbreaking innovation that will undoubtedly captivate the Sharks and the music world at large. Their patent-pending guitar picks are designed to adhere to your guitar magically, all without the use of chemicals, adhesives, or leaving any residue behind. Musicians, especially guitarists, have long grappled with the issue of holding on to their picks during performances. Tik Pik’s unique design not only solves this problem by providing a comfortable non-slip grip but also ensures that the pick stays exactly where it needs to be while playing.

The concept of a guitar pick that sticks like magic is not only a game-changer for musicians but a testament to the power of innovation and creativity. Tik Piks aims to disrupt the music accessory market by providing a simple yet incredibly effective solution to a common problem.

Shark Tank

With the combined experience of Nick and Kevin, Tik Piks is poised to become a household name in the music industry. Their appearance on Shark Tank promises to be a thrilling moment as they pitch their groundbreaking invention to the sharks, and viewers are bound to witness a harmonious fusion of business, music, and innovation. Will the sharks see the potential in Tik Pik and invest in this magical guitar pick?

My Take on Tik Piks

I don’t play an instrument, so I’m not a customer. My son and brother both play guitar and my son actually uses this product. He says it’s an easy way to know where his picks are and he likes the feel of the picks in his hand, too.

Will Sharks Pik This Business?

I know Kevin plays guitar, so he’ll be the best partner for the guys. I don’t think the other Sharks will bite. It’ll be “too small” or “too niche for them. If Nick and Kevin want a deal they better turn their attention to Mr. Wonderful and be prepared to do a royalty deal!

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