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Hells Bells Helmets

hells bells helmetsMarix Stone & Dr. Nancy Tanchel pitch Hells Bells Helmets in Shark Tank episode 112. Hells Bells Helmets makes and sells patented, custom designed, 3-D sculpted motorcycle helmets. Stone is a sculptor who’s been designing helmets since 1993. He pioneered the idea of made to order motorcycle helmets and his patent allows him to put 3-D designs on all kinds of helmets. All their helmets are DOT certified.

Stone and Tanchel are looking for a Shark to help them get into mass production.

Hells Bells Helmets Shark Tank Recap

Marix and Nancy enter the Shark Tank seeking $500k for 20% of their business. Stone begins by saying if you have to wear a motorcycle helmet, it might as well look cool. Then the cat grabs his tongue. After a few uncomfortable moments, Dr. Nancy jumps in and explains they will do $300K in sales for the current year. The 50% profit margin impresses the Sharks.

Unfortunately, the profits aren’t impressive enough. Neither Kevin H. or Mr. Wonderful – they don’t see the potential and they’re both out. Barbara isn’t a fan of hard-core biker gear, so she’s out too. Robert likes the helmets, but thinks the price is too expensive for an “unproven” business. That leaves Daymond.

Daymond thinks Hells Bells Helmets can make money licensing their technology to other helmet manufacturers. He offers $500K for 50% of the business and Stone and Tanchel accept.

Hells Bells Helmets  Shark Tank Update

Hells Bells Helmets did not close their deal with Daymond. The “real” offer was $500K in manufacturing and licensing costs for 50% of the business. There was some back and forth with Daymond after the show, but a deal never got finalized.

Hell Bells Helmets still makes custom helmets and now employs several other fabricators in their Philadelphia workshop. They’ve expanded to creating 3-D custom gas tanks and fenders for motorcycles. They created some custom helmets for the FX TV “Sons of Anarchy,” a show about outlaw bikers.

As of July, 2021, the company re-branded itself to Bad Ass Helmets. They sell on their website, in Harley Davidson stores and many independent cycle shops. Annual revenue is $12 million.

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  1. BRUCE. CARR says

    Outstanding helmets, They know there stuff.
    Well worth the price for one’s LIFE. Keep your head and brains together. I would recommend these DOT Helmets to ALL BIKERS. 10 PLUS.

  2. My wife ordered a DOT helmet from this company for my birthday since I found the company during a google search for helemts (I have never seen them on shark tank and found out later they were on the show) back in 2013. DOT version Trooper style with skull and barb wires. It took about 6 months to get it and when it was rec’d it wasn’t DOT spec. It was just the shell. After a phone call, it was agreed that they sent off the wrong item. We returned the helmet and the correct helmet was rec’d about 1-2 months later. Delivery was projected to be before November and in time for my birthday, but the actual product was not rec’d until February.
    All that aside, I have used the helmet for all of my rides since Feb2014 (40k miles or so), the 3D imaging hasn’t worn off and it doesn’t look like it has been worn much at all (considering the acid wash on the helmet itself). It is a comfortable helmet and the wind doesn’t catch the helmet and try to rip it off the back of my head.
    It is a good helmet and to me, the extra cost for styling was worth it.

  3. I’m Happy for Them that They Didn’t Take the Money from That bad person Daymon John ~ Sometimes when The Deal Sounds Too Good to Be True it Really is That .. Better to Be 100% In control of Your Patent and Vision ~ The Exposure Was Great Advertisement and Those Helmets are Awesome & Will Sell ~
    Shark Tank are a Bunch of Greedy People Only out for Themselves ~ I Would Never Beg From Them

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