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Victoria’s Kitchen

victoria's kitchenDeborah and David Meniane brought David’s grandmother’s recipe for Almond Water to the USA from France and started Victoria’s Kitchen to sell the product. They pitch their business to the Sharks in episode 620.

Victoria’s Kitchen got its name from David’s grandmother who used to make almond water and other fresh drinks for her grandchildren. David continued mixing her concoctions through the years and when he and Deborah moved to the USA, they brought the recipes with them. Every time they mixed up a batch for friends, they met with rave reviews. They got the idea to bottle the product in 2011 and in 2012 they were a big hit at the The Winter Fancy Food Show. They sell Victoria’s Kitchen beverages in over 800 stores in dozens of super market chains (including Whole Foods and Fresh Market) nationwide.

The almond water is just a simple, fresh drink with all-natural, gluten and lactose free ingredients. There are no vitamins or added supplements. Almond water is for people who want a refreshing change when looking for a beverage; David says they make great cocktail mixers, too.

The Menianes are likely looking for a Shark to help fund their rapid growth. Will one of the Sharks drink up and invest?

Victoria’s Kitchen Shark Tank Recap

Deborah and David open with an at home segment where they tell their story. They say they need the financial resources to compete with the big boys – they’ve invested their life savings and need to make Victoria’s Kitchen work.

They enter the Tank seeking $200K for 20% of their business. They re-tell their story to the Sharks and hand out samples. They speak French with Robert as the Sharks say how much they like it. Kevin says distribution is the biggest challenge, They did over $160K in year 1, $330K in year 2, and they’re already at $230K in year 3. Sales dropped due to an unsuccessful new flavor introduction. They’ve already invested $250K in the business.

They say Whole Foods isn’t their target, due to the amount of sugar in their Almond Water. They can grow the company by adding more SKU’s and more flavors; the show their new prototype organic lemonade and the Sharks like it.

Lori thinks there is too much work involved, she’s out. Barbara remembers her issues with Chill Soda and she goes out. Robert likes their drive, but he thinks David listens to the market too much; he’s out. Kevin says he’d normally eviscerate them on valuation and he thinks it would take too much time; he’s out too. Mark thinks David is starting to sound desperate; he’s out too.


Victoria’s Kitchen Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The company was acquired by Hispanica International, Inc. in October, 2017. The terms were not disclosed, but at the time of the acquisition, lifetime sales were $1.4 million. David is now COO and CFO of

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