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Shark Tank Episode 302 Predictions

The Sharks on Shark TankRick Hopper, Founder of SpecSecure by ReadeREST

KIRK:  My Shark Tank Predictions start with Rick Hopper, Founder of ReadeREST, The company that manufacturers SpecSecure. I’m not sure that he’s going to land a deal with The Sharks. His product is useful, but does he have a big enough audience to excite The Sharks?

He clearly is willing to put himself out there, but he doesn’t have the sizzle to sell his product. It needs a different pitch person, maybe even people. For instance, a younger person who sells the heart-shaped design and get a pilot to sell the aviator wings. He lacks the personal story on his website which is something many people look for when buying a new product. We watched the story come out with Shelly Ehlers, somebody that could help him with that passion.

Rick won’t win The Sharks on emotion, which makes scoring a deal very hard. His numbers need to be great for this deal.

Rob:  I agree with Kirk, but for different reasons. Having the sizzle is important, but the Sharks have to like the product and I don’t think they will. The market is certainly large enough- around 126 million Americans wear eyeglasses; that doesn’t even take sunglasses wearers into account.

As a guy who has sunglasses that cost more than his first car, I can identify with wanting to being able to hold my glasses without dropping them. I just don’t think this is the tool to do it.  I would be worried about the magnet becoming dislodged-no matter how strong they claim it is. Give me a good lanyard style eye wear retainer any day.

Rick won’t win because it isn’t a better mousetrap.

Jared Joyce, Five Minute Furniture

Kirk: As I’ve already stated, I think Jared will close the deal with his confidence and unique product. I’d say this is a Lori Greiner deal in the making and a product that deserves to hit QVC. We could see a fight coming between The Sharks on this one.

Rob: I once again agree with Kirk. Jared has a history of developing products, a proven methodology for bringing them to market, the numbers to back it up, and he has “it.” He’s also got a livestreaming Shark Tank party from 6-10 PM tonight; I don’t think he’d go to the trouble to do that if he didn’t get a deal.

Ryan Nolan, ESSO Watches

Kirk: Ryan Nolan, Founder of ESSO Watches enters the Shark Tank and is about to get blown out of the water. According to Shark Tank reports, he’s ripped apart by the Sharks and rightly so. A quick investigation reveals that the Better Business Bureau gives ESSO Watches an F, which is not good.  An inexpensive product and complaints that don’t get addressed.

I wanted proof that there is such a concept that says negative Ions work, and nothing is present in any of ESSO Watch’s documentation that provides proof. I did however find a report on WebMD that says the jury is out on Negative ION’s. It is possible that they work, but also appears that the does is key. A simple band around the wrist is not likely to produce a does significant to the level required to make any impact according to the way I read the WebMD article.

It’s obvious ESSO Watches are selling their product as it is all over the webs on various outlets and I’m betting The Sharks send them packing not because they can sell, but because they make claims they don’t back up with documented proof. They’re out.

Rob: I disagree with Kirk here. The whole nonsense about negative ions is in the mind of the wearer. They have been selling products that tout this for years and many people swear by them. Negative ions and snake oil health benefits aside, these guys should get a deal for one reason: pre-teen and teenage girls think they’re “cool.”

The buying power of this demographic is astronomical: the next time you’re at the mall, check out Claire’s and you’ll see what I mean. Any company that can tap the gusher of money that this group controls has a winner. Just look at M3 Designs from last week- I knew they’d be winners too because ALL my girls have multiples of their stuff.

Raven Thomas, The Painted Pretzel

Kirk:  My initial reaction is that The Painted Pretzel lands a deal with the Sharks and has a success story in the brewing. Looking at the testimonials, the reviews are coming from all over the country and the website has claims that they are in multiple retail locations in malls around the country. According to reports in her local papers, she’s selling her products in Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and others. She’s had her product featured as the snack of the day on “The Rachel Ray Show.”

Raven Thomas and The Painter Pretzel started as a passion and ended up being the tool that is providing for her family. Raven and her husband made invested their available funds and have been going all in on the business.

My bet is Raven Thomas and The Painted Pretzel is a hit on the show tonight, taking after Gourmet Cake Maker Kim Nelson of Daisy Cakes. Expect the shopping cart on the website to crash as viewers flock to order from The Painted Pretzel.

Rob: I agree with Kirk once again. Without going into a lot of detail, I’ll give you a three word answer why they get a deal: CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS!!!



  1. I don’t know if the technology behind Esso Watches is a scam but I have actually ordered from this retailer in the past and did not have a great experience. I bought some for by grand daughters and they were so cheaply made. They did not keep time and would go blank occasionally. They were also supposed to be waterproof, and long story short, they were not. Even the replacement watches they sent me had the same issues. If I ever buy these again, I’ll try Rhumba time instead.

  2. Raven I knew you’d get funded! Not only did your site crash- it crashed ours too! Even though you were the only prediction I got right tonight, I knew I couldn’t be wrong with that product. Like I said, I knew you’d get funded because of three words: “Chocolate Covered Pretzels!”

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