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Angels and Tomboys by Madison and Mallory

madison and malloryMadison and Mallory Boyd want the world to know that “all girls are created equally different” when they pitch Angels and Tomboys to the Sharks in episode 803. The two sisters liked to get mischievous and play with their mom’s perfume. They found out mom’s perfume was “too flowery, too expensive and way too strong,” so they started experimenting with their own concoctions.

The sisters, who hosted their own national model call, posed for several fashion campaigns, and perform live around the country, They like to do music videos too. When the girls asked their mom about their idea for a line of fun fragrances, she was supportive and Madison and Mallory got to work. They created fragrances with names (and scents) like Frozen Hot Chocolate, Cotton Candied Apples, Lemonade Doughnuts and more. They also expanded into scented body lotions that are “designed especially for young and precious skin.”

Madison and Mallory got a big break in November, 2015 when they won “The Real Pitch Contest,” hosted by Moziah Bridges of Mo’s Bows. Now they are taking their business to the Shark Tank. Will the Sharks like the way they smell?

My Take on Madison and Mallory

My hat’s off to these two. Even though their theme song grates on my nerves a bit, I have a lot of respect and admiration for what they’ve done. I think this will be the “uplifting” segment of the night.

As for the products, I’m sure they are decent quality. My 11-year-old daughter is fascinated by the products AND Madison and Mallory. She actually likes their theme song and the whole vibe the girls project. It’s safe to say, Madison and Mallory are marketing well to their target demographic.

Do Sharks make sense of the scents?

The Sharks are going to love these kids. There are adults who go in the Tank with less going for them than Madison an Mallory. It looks like they have some sales under their belts and the business is working for them. They will face objections, however.

The Sharks are all going to graciously bow out. They won’t want to take too much equity from such a young company. There may be offers of mentorship, similar to the way Daymond guided Mo Bridges from Mo’s Bows. The sisters may not leave with a deal, but they’ll earn the Sharks’ admiration.

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