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Beloved Pizza Shirts

belovedBeloved shirts founder Jeremiah Robison grew up in the clothing business. He also likes pizza. It may sound like a strange correlation, but it was an “all over everything” pepperoni pizza shirt Katy Perry wore that put the company into the forefront of fashion as “the fastest growing sublimation brand in the world.” Their quirky videos and approach to a product that turns boring sweatshirts into fashion that is “current and fun.” Robison brings his collection to the Shark Tank in episode 727.

What makes Beloved Shirts unique is due to the printing process they use. Sublimation printing, without getting too technical, basically allows for all over coverage. You can literally print anything onto a shirt with this process. The company scored a big endorsement when Katie Perry wore a pepperoni pizza “belovesie” and got filmed by the paparazzi. A “belovesie” is a one-piece hoodie and pants combo – kind of like giant pajamas. The company made a bigger splash when they produced a “left shark belovsie” for Perry – modeled after the Shark to her left when she performed at the Super Bowl.

With all the celebrity exposure, Beloved quickly moved from just another sweatshirt company to a fashion brand. If you want to wear a pizza, cats, rainbows, or just about anything you can imagine, they’ve got it. They print on  sweatshirts, shirts, tank tops, hats, leggings, onesies and phone cases. They likely want a Shark to help them further their brand.

My Take on Beloved

I am going to let the world in on a secret: I secretly like Katie Perry. When I saw her sing on Saturday Night Live a few years back, I was struck by how well she sang. I like a good set of pipes and Katie can sing – she’s not just a bubble gum ditz. I am interested to see how she grows as a singer as the years pass. I’m not going to go out and buy a Left Shark Belovsie, but I might get a cool Shark Tee!

Will Sharks Belove this?

This pitch looks like it might be on the bizarre side. They have a unicorn in the Shark Tank! I’m betting once Robison gets past the silly stuff, there will be some whopping sales figures, which ought to catch the interest of the Sharks.

Whenever a fashion brand pitches Daymond, I’m curious as to how he reacts. He’s probably heard of Beloved before and he may take a flyer. This company really doesn’t need a Shark, so I am betting they put a ridiculous (to the Sharks) valuation on it and walk without a deal after fielding an offer or two.

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