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Best Pocket Square Holder by Best Wardrobe Solutions

best pocket square holderBest Pocket Square Holder inventor Cedric Cobb likes to dress to the nines. He and several elegantly dressed men pitch his Best Pocket Square Holder in Shark Tank episode 1020. His company, Best Wardrobe Solutions, sells much more than the Best Pocket Square Holder, they also sell shoes, ties, socks and more. Cobb wants to make his business a complete menswear brand.

One way he’s doing that is with the Best Wardrobe Solutions app. It’s the only men’s fashion app that gives instructions on grooming and “how to” videos for looking sharp. It shows you how to tie a regular tie or bow tie and how to configure your pocket square or pocket round. Of course it suggests what products to buy and how to mix and match everything for the perfect look.

Cobb believes men want their fashion problems solved while meeting a need with products that fit their style and function well. He credits a lot of his fashion success to his mother who taught him how to negotiate and treat people right at an early age. Cobb started the business after 30 years in corporate sales, management and wardrobe consulting. He’s a sharp dresser who believes in attention to detail in fashion. That’s why the Best Pocket Square Holder was his first product.

He likely wants to grow his business by getting on shelves in large fashion retailers. For now, he sells on his website, Amazon and in several dozen independent men’s shops. He hopes a Shark can take him to the next level.

My Take on the Best Pocket Square Holder

I used to wear suits every day when I was in telecommunications and financial sales. I don’t wear suits any more. In fact, I got rid of all but one suit which is reserved for weddings and funerals. When I wore suits, I went all out to dress sharp. When you’re in sales, you need to dress for success. Looking successful and being well dressed go hand in hand, which helps when you’re selling high end services.

Now, the dressiest I get on a regular basis is wearing a nice polo shirt. Most of the time, I’m in shorts and tee shirts. While I would have used the Best Pocket Square Holder in the past, I am not a customer now.

Will Sharks Dress for Success and Invest?

All the Sharks, except Mark, dress very well. For that reason, I think Mark goes out. Any one of the other Sharks could bid, though. Daymond is the obvious target for Cobb due to his extensive fashion experience. Lori may like the mass appeal and demonstrability of the product. Robert has had success with other niche clothing products. Kevin likes to look sharp, too.

Any one of these Sharks could bid. Cobb needs to show them strong sales and a good plan. If he has those, he could very well leave with a deal.

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