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eyebloc webcam blockerEyebloc entrepreneur CJ Isakow sensed opportunity when news stories about webcams being hacked made the news. He saw the need for a simple webcam blocker – something better than a post-it note or duct tape – so he created Eyebloc. It’s a simple, sliding cover that blocks the webcam lens when the camera isn’t in use, thus preventing “spies” from taking unwanted photos of people while they have their computer on.

There have been many public instances of people getting their webcams hacked. Perhaps the  most notable case was when Cassidy Wolf, Miss Teen USA, had her webcam hacked by a high school classmate. The classmate pleaded guilty to counts of extortion and  unauthorized access of a computer, but it doesn’t make the specter of webcam hacking any less sinister.

Presumably, that’s where Eye bloc comes in. Isakow originally produced his product with a 3D printer, but as sales took off, he secured a mold to mass produce Eyebloc. He’s had some success selling the product on Amazon and on his website. Eyebloc is likely looking for a Shark to help with production and distribution.

Eyebloc Shark Tank Recap

CJ comes into the Shark Tank looking for a $50,000 investment for 10% of his company. He informs the Sharks that “Americans are being watched.” Robert Herjavec confirms that it’s relatively easy to hack into a computer’s webcam. He demonstrates how the small, plastic, binder-clip like device can be used to cover the webcam.

Sales are unimpressive so far. He’s sold 45 units at $9.99, plus $4 shipping and handling. Mark Cuban says the reason there has only been 45 units sold is that the competition is “post it notes, a piece of gum, or whatever.”

CJ wants to invest the money into a better molding process which would drop the cost of production from $1.25 down to $.25.

Lori Greiner says the price point is far too high. She believes the product would retail at about $1. She’s out. Robert Herjavec believes there “are easier ways” to combat the problem. He’s out. Daymond John calls Herjavec “one of the leading experts on cyber security,” and says if Herjavec’s not buying it, there’s “no way” he’s investing. He’s out.

Kevin O’Leary tells CJ that the upside down flag is “the universal sign of distress,” and that it’s “time for you to turn the flag upside down.” He’s out, and CJ leaves the tank without a Shark deal.

Eye Bloc Shark Tank Update

Eye Bloc just isn’t a product that has enough appeal at a $10 price point to sell. Although cyber security is undoubtedly a problem, it’s one that is easily remedied with simple solutions found in every household. Consumers are unlikely at best to spend $10 on a clip to cover their webcam when a piece of tape will do the job just as well. The Eye Bloc’s social media went dark in Spring of 2014, and the product is no longer available through Amazon. It seems that Eye Bloc was blocked by the Sharks and that this web cam blocker just couldn’t compete in the paranoia market.

In 2017, CJ took the business off the back burner and revived it. In September, 2018, he acquired a company that made magnetic camera covers called SpiShutter which had a utility patent for its design. He added UV device cleaners, UV wands, and data blockers to the line as well. In addition to the magnetic blockers, he has Nano Blockers that use suction to cover the camera. The business puts a focus on selling to the promotional products industry, but sells direct to consumers as well on Amazon.

The company was chosen by Fortune 100 CTOs to come pre-installed on all their laptops because they are the only webcam blockers to work without using adhesives. In June, 2020, Eye Bloc entered into a licensing partnership with Kensington, “a leading provider of desktop and mobile device accessories, trusted by IT, educators, business, and home office professionals around the world for more than 35 years.” As of August, 2022, the company has risen from the ashes and has $6 million in annual revenue. In January, 2023 they’re still earning $6 million per year.

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