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Float Baby

float babyCertified Instructor of Infant Massage, Kristi Ison, pitches Float Baby, her “spa” for infants 2 weeks – 18 months old, in Shark Tank episode 721. At the heart of the Float Baby experience is the patented ring which suspends babies in the water while they float and splash with mom or dad. After the 20-30 minute splash session, the babies are treated to a warm towel and a massage!

The babies float in their own sanitized tubs and benefit from increased skeletal strength ,  strengthened respiratory system, improved blood flow to the heart, and enhanced cognitive development. There are many studies that prove the benefits of early water entry for infants. Ison preaches that babies should attend a class weekly for the best overall benefits. Each group class costs $50 and private sessions run $160.

Currently, Float baby only operates in Houston. Ison likely wants to expand to other locations. Will a Shark float an investment in this business?

Float Baby Shark Tank Recap

Kristi enters seeking $150K for 20% of her business. She states we know people who exercise weekly have improved physical and cognitive strength and regular massage improves blood flow. Her’s is the first facility for babies that provides both exercise and massage. A video shows babies floating in the tubs with the Float Baby rings and the Sharks bust out laughing. Kristi asks, “rather than swimming with sharks, who wants to float with babies?”

Mark wants to know where her claims can be proven. Kristi says the largest study was done in Australia on early water programs and it found babies in those programs had 50% better growth and development than non-participants.

Daymond wants to know who first snapped a hemorrhoid pillow around a babies neck? Apparently, the concept started in Japan. There are several companies that make the float rings, she has a patent on the ring cover. Float Bay has a storefront with three tubs; a one hour session is 65 bucks. Mr. Wonderful says it isn’t proprietary and he could go out tomorrow and start “Mr. Wonderful’s Float-a-tron.”

Krisit needs money to buy bigger tubs. She did $44K her first year in business and is on track to do $65K this year. Mark thinks she needs to fill more time slots and Daymond thinks she should try to go viral. Mark asks, “what’s your grind?” Kristi says “what do you mean?” and Mark says he’s out immediately. He thinks she needs to go out and sell, when she claims she does, Mark doesn’t believe it.

Sacca says he doesn’t see what she’s uniquely amazing about; he’s out. Daymond doesn’t think she can go out and create a tribe herself, he’s out. Barbara doesn’t think she has energy/hustle and she needs a salesperson/business partner; she’s out. Kevin says he bought into the merits, but thinks she should sell the donut, no one cares about a baby spa. She considered selling the rings and tubs and Kevin says “this isn’t the advice tank, I’m out.”

Out in the hall she says she’s going to keep doing it. Back in the Tank,  Daymond wants to see the video again – they all watch it and laugh.


Float Baby Shark Tank Update

In spite of her poor showing in the Tank, Kristi continues to offer float sessions at her spa in Houston. The Facebook page is still active, and she’s advertising a small price hike of $5 per session, offering gift card sales at the current price of $55 per session, or $198 per group session, which would include 4 babies.

Business does not appear to be booming, but she does have a small, enthusiastic local following. It may be that her popularity in the local market will be enough to keep Float Baby swimming along, even if it never outgrows the small pool to swim with the Sharks. It was a good idea that had potential, but her vision simply didn’t line up with the Sharks’ long-term goals of home and retail sales, so she’ll stay with the small fish for now.

As of February, 2023, she’s still afloat and has $1.8 million in annual revenue.

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