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Reely Hooked Fish Company

Reely Hooked Fish CompanySteven Markley and James Arcaro, two wild land firefighters from Florida, pitch Reely Hooked Fish Company, their smoked fish dip, in Shark Tank episode 907. The two co-workers share a love of fishing – and eating their catch. They use old family recipes to cook their fresh caught seafood and a favorite of friends and family alike is their smoked fish dip.

The Reely Hooked Seafood Company signature dip is made from amberjack and kingfish (king mackerel) the guys catch off their own boat in the waters off Fort Lauderdale. They use locally sourced ingredients and brine all their fish for 8 hours. After the fish is ready, it’s smoked low and slow with native hardwoods. Once smoked, they add their “secret fruit” and a non-mayonnaise alternative that enhances the flavor of their fish. They call their finished product the “crack” of all appetizers.

Reely Hooked Fish Company dip is currently available in select locations throughout Florida and on the company website. One tub costs $12 and a three pack is $32. To maintain a fresh product, they only ship on Tuesdays. Since the guys are firefighters, they wanted to give back. 5% of every sale goes to a variety of firefighter foundations across the country.

Steven and James likely need help expanding their retail footprint. They want a Shark’s help getting in front of grocery chains and national distributors. Will a Shark dip into their wallet and invest in this business?

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Reely Hooked Fish Dip

Reely Hooked Fish Company Shark Tank Recap

Steven and James enter seeking $75,000 for 25% of their business. They tell their story and give their pitch, then hand out samples to the Sharks. After some back and forth about the ingredients, they get down to business. They only have $10,000 in sales in three months. Three craft breweries and one small retailer are selling their product. Each container costs $4.50 to make and sells for $12. They can bring the production cost down by buying fish in greater volume.

They want the investment to create a better facility and do the business full time. Daymond says three breweries selling the product isn’t enough and he’s the first Shark out. Lori thinks they should be more firefighter focused and she goes out. Kevin quickly follows. Mark wants to know if they can do $1000 a week and they say yes. Mark offers $75,000 for 25% – just what they asked for -and they accept.

Reely Hooked Fish Company Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. The deal with Mark closed. It looks like the business closed, too. For a while, they were selling in Florida independent, mom and pop stores. There was a shipping challenge because the product has fresh fish in it, so all they could do is collect names and emails until they ironed out the shipping issues. The Facebook page hasn’t been updated since July, 2019. The website is gone. According to Steven Markley’s LinkedIn profile, he started Pools Next Door, a pool service company, in July, 2019. As of November, 2022, it looks like this business has closed.