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Sunday Night Slow Jams

sunday night slow jamsSyndicated DJ R Dub pitches his love song dedication radio program called Sunday Night Slow Jams to the Shark Tank in episode 507. He’ll enlist the help of R&B crooner Brian McKnight wooing the Sharks with his falsetto vocal chords as a celebrity pitchman. R Dub got his start spinning love song dedications 20 years ago on AM 1490 in Tuscon. He hopped around from station to station for a number of years – finding a new home for his show whenever his current radio station changed formats – and finally syndicated the show in 2003. Sunday Night Slow Jams is now on over 50 radio stations in three countries. R Dub hopes the Sharks can get him the exposure he needs to take his show global.

Sunday Night Slow Jams Shark Tank Recap

R Dub enters and announces he’s seeking $75K for 10% of his syndicated radio show business. He explains about the show’s “oral expressions,” coast to coast love song dedications. R Dub sets up a hypothetical dedication from Mark in Dallas to Lori in Chicago. Brian McKnight, a friend of R Dub’s, then appeared and sang a Shark Tank Ditty and a Sunday Night Slow Jam “theme song.”

Mark leads off by saying syndicated radio is a horrible business. Sunday Night Slow Jams is making $350K in revenue. Mark explains how advertising in syndicated radio works and R Dub says he wants the $75K wants to hire a salesman to sell ads. R Dub appeals to the Sharks’ love lives, but Mr. Wonderful only loves his stocks. Lori isn’t sure a salesman is the answer, she’s looking for more of a hook and she goes out. Kevin thinks radio as a market sucks, he’s out too. Robert concurs with Lori about the sales guy, but thinks he should work on commission – he’s out. Mark thinks the younger demographic is too plugged in to online radio – he’s out. Daymond isn’t passionate about Slow Jam music and he goes out. R Dub and Brian McKnight leave the Tank singing, but it’s an unfunded song!

Sunday Night Slow Jams Shark Tank Update

Although R Dub failed to hook a Shark with his syndication scheme, the show continues to grow and reach new markets, both at home and abroad. The show is now heard on radio stations in more than 100 different cities around the world, and is spreading to new markets all the time. Listeners can catch the show online at the website, or request the show for their own local radio stations through links on the website.

R Dub might not have gotten the Shark deal he was seeking, but that didn’t stop him from crooning his way onto airwaves. Passion and determination are often the key factors to success for entrepreneurs, and it seems that this is no exception.

As of August, 2021, the show is still in production and airs on over 200 stations. Reliable revenue information is unavailable.

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