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The Sleep Styler

the sleep stylerTara Brown seeks to style up a Shark with The Sleep Styler, her system that styles and dries hair while you sleep. The heart of the system is a memory foam tube covered in water absorbing micro fiber. Simply wash your hair, lay flat or curl over the tube, secure hair with the strap, and go to sleep. In the morning, your hair is dried and styled without harsh blow dryers.

Brown created the product to dry hair easily. Each system comes with four Sleep Styler tubes and costs $39. She started the business in 2016 with a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $46,938 to fund the first production run. Brown searched everywhere for a product that would passively dry hair. When she couldn’t find one she liked, she invented it.

Hair holds whatever shape it’s in when it dries. The Sleep Styler uses that method to style hair. The product won several awards, including the Fox San Diego Inventor’s Day 2015 and Best in Show Award 2015 Direct Response Expo. Reviews are all positive and Brown delivered on her Kickstarter. She currently sells the product on her website.

She likely wants a Shark to help her market the product. Will a Shark think this is a stylish invention?

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The Sleep Styler Shark Tank Recap

Tara entered seeking $75K for 20% of her business. The Sharks were impressed with her Kickstarter numbers and with her recent uptick in sales. After some wrangling with the Sharks, it’s clear Tara wants Lori as a partner. Lori offers $75K for 30% but wants an answer right away. Tara counters with 25% and Lori does the deal.

RESULT: DEAL with Lori for $75K foe 25% equity.

The Sleep Styler Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. Tara and Lori appear in season nine’s first update segment in episode 906. In the update, sales are absolutely soaring. This one of the top ten most successful Shark Tank products of all time. Lifetime sales for the company as of May, 2023 are over $165 million!