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Turbobaster Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 1

turbobasterMarian Cruz pitches her prototype Turbobaster, a battery-powered marinate injection/meat basting brush in episode 113. Cruz invented the Turbobaster 5 years prior to her appearance on Shark Tank, but has never made a working prototype.

Turbobaster Shark Tank Recap

Cruz is on camera appearing to practice her pitch while being announced. She enters seeking $35K in return for 35% of the Turbobaster. After an impressive video showing how the Turbobaster works, her pitch goes downhill. She has no working models, no sales, and no idea how much it would cost to make her product. Still, the Sharks like Marian because she’s nice, or, as Daymond puts it, “the brand begins with the person.”

Mr. Wonderful isn’t charmed and goes out after making some snarky comments. Barbara and Robert both go out because Marian has no numbers. Kevin Harrington likes the product and offers $35K for 100% of the Turbobaster with 2% of sales. Marian likes the offer, but before she can accept, Daymond offers $40K for 51% of the company with a 2% royalty. Daymond and Harrington battle for a bit, with Daymond upping his bid to $50K, but Marian opts for Kevin Harrington’s experience with kitchen products and takes his deal.

Turbobaster Shark Tank Update

Not much happened after Cruz took her deal with Kevin Harrington. Six months after the original air date, Harrington’s company, TV GOODS, “announced the acquisition of exclusive global marketing rights to the TurboBaster.” Since that time, there’s been no news on the product. It isn’t for sale anywhere and the Company website and Facebook page is down. Apparently, the deal went through, but nothing ever got made or sold.

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  1. Anitah Davis says

    Marian, should have went with Damon. I am not sure why she took Kevin’s offer except she may have counted too heavily on the tv aspect. The increase to $50k and 51% Damon’s offer with his background and infrastructure in place for producing, licensing and branding would have skyrocketed her to riches. Plus he really wanted the deal. Kevin’s deal killed her business.

  2. Brad Waller says

    CNBC is showing re-runs of these episodes and I just saw this. I was shocked that anyone would invest in this idea and a founder with no idea how much it would cost to manufacture and no working product. I’m not at all surprised that this went nowhere.

  3. Marian is lucky she got a deal from any of the sharks since she didn’t have a working product with no idea how much manufacturing cost would be & guessed what she would sell it at.

  4. Crime Nation says

    How did The Sharks Invest In This person But Later On In The Episode They Shot The Guy Down Making Stuff Outta Chopsticks That Were Recycled And Actually Had A Product .

    But This Lady Had A Idea . No Patent No Company No Product Really Catchs Love From The Sharks And Even Two Offers .

    I’m Disappointed With Season 1 Episode 3 .

    Was A Huge Let Down

  5. What you see on tv is not always what really happens. Due diligence.

  6. Horsenzebra says

    Kevin is the worst shark to do business with. He is horrible.

  7. Bo Bo Bradley says

    Horrible at so many levels.

  8. Michael Beadle says

    Good day Sharks, Kevin Harrington and Marian Cruz.
    Michael B. Anthony would like to make an offer to Mr. Harrington. I have been in the residential, commercial and industrial machcanical trades for decades and I would be willing to offer my services free of charge to Mr. Harrington to see this particular kitchen product materialize stateside and internationally. I am able to calibrated and Innovated multiple phenomenal accessories for Marian Cruz wonderful idea the Turbobaster that Shark Tank Kevin Harrington has purchased.

    Mr. Harrington if you should stumble across this blog.. I ask of you to commit to one of : 1st that Marion Cruz dream comes true and she receives a 5% royalty for her innovative idea and we will calibrate and resolve the product. Or establish a 10 to 20% nonprofit organization for military families who has lost a loved one in combat such as head of household male or female vet.. and we would be honored to calibrate innovate accessories and resolved the product…

    In memory of our love ones passing

  9. Dorothy Langston says

    I would have bought one. What I do not have is space. One product instead of three. She was a housewife with no business skills. She was great in the kitchen trying to solve a problem.

    • She had a fantasy with no realistic concept of what to do. I could get a team of 10 year olds that will revolutionize your existence with their great ideas. Don’t ask the how though, kind of like Marian.

  10. I LOVE all the sharks but MR Wonderful is my favorite. Kevin hides his heart well. But I enjoy where single one of them. I love to watch Robert whenever food is involved. He seems so happy and grateful. Eg., like the time he said that “this is a very good day,” justafter receiving a scrumptious looking dessert. This is one of my favorite shows along with Blue bloods, The Chicago’s and I HOPE they bring back Bob❤Abishola.

    • John H Hawks says

      Robert and Kevin are two Canadian people and Kevin especially don’t like Americans all you have to do is look at his performances on dragons den that’s the Canadian version of the original shark tank he denigrated Americans now all of a sudden he plays like an American he’s an elitist that follows the Conrad black school of thought read upon Conrad black and find out who he is

  11. Diane L Manley says

    How do I order a turbobaster?

  12. Oh My God ! I literally could not watch anymore.. After getting sick from the previous episode about Trippie App with the 22 year old crybaby momma’s boy.. about too burst into tears because no one would invest in his shitty app. Then this poor lady who has no idea what was going on with reality , she could not even figure out that the shark was giving her a good deal out of pity , I was literally getting sick I felt uneasy and could not watch. It was like the biggest weirdos of shark tank reunion 😂

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