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Chocolate Treats to “Cure” PMS – PMSBites

PMSBites chocolate treats Tania Green, like many other women, suffers from PMS and she often found herself bingeing on chocolate treats to help cure the symptoms, so she made her own treats and called them PMSBites. She realized, after three years of tracking her moods, that her worst days were when she was suffering from PMS. On those days, she’d feel crappy and chow down on unhealthy, sugary treats. To help her enjoy those binge-fests without guilt, she set out to create guilt-free, healthy, chocolate treats to help her through those dark days. She pitches her products in the season 7 Shark Tank finale.

Green leads a healthy lifestyle – she exercises regularly and generally eats a balanced diet. To help with the chemical imbalances that come with PMS, she wanted to make her PMSBites chocolate treats to satisfy her urges without throwing off her otherwise healthy habits. She got funding for commercial kitchen space with a modest, but successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $8,439.

With product names like Plain Crazy, CocoNutty, and All Kinds of Nuts, she’s clearly playing to the female market that identifies a little bit of craziness with PMS. The bites contain chocolate, nuts, dandelion root, Siberian ginseng, and chamomile and are gluten-free, all-natural, and vegan. They cost thirteen bucks for a half-dozen bites and she also offers a subscription service.

My Take on PMSBites Chocolate Treats

As a man, I don’t suffer from PMS. As a married father of four daughters, I am what you could call an “indirect sufferer” of PMS. When all my girls were still home, barely a day went by when one of them, or my wife, would explode into PMS related rage, irritability, or depression. As a result, I developed thick skin and a tremendous amount of flight reactions. I learned that, as a guy, you just don’t want to mess with a women who is “PMSing it.” The running gag in our family was my son and I would spend, on average, 10 days per month in a tree house in the back yard!

Ladies, I feel (and have felt) your pain. I’d love it if PMS could be cured with a few PMSBites. It would save everyone involved a lot of pain, frayed nerves, and hurt feelings. If it works, the price is a BARGAIN! For that reason, I am IN.

Will Sharks Bite on PMSBites?

Green probably got the nod for the show for two reasons: the treats are tasty and the premise is universal. The Sharks, male or female, all know the pain and perils of PMS, so there will be some interest. The problem Green faces is the claims. While she doesn’t state it explicitly, her product is designed to “cure” PMS.

Any time any sort of health and nutrition benefit is made in the Tank, the Sharks step back. They want data that proves the product’s claim or else they aren’t attaching their name to it. This is the biggest obstacle she faces. The Sharks may like the treats and they may like the margins and valuation, but without data that says “these treats cure PMS,” they won’t get involved.

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