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Correction on Today’s Earlier Post on Scott Jordan

In part two of my Shark Tank Scottevest three part series of posts based on my conversations with Scott Jordan, I’d like to correct the following paragraph which appeared in the original post:

“Actually, Scott Jordan has only taken adversarial legal action twice with regards to his clothing patents. In one case, there is a Chinese company that has completely ripped off his entire retail clothing line, name and all. This Chinese company is selling cheap knock offs of ScotteVests and even uses the same logo! Another example he gave me was a company was using a pocket system called the “George Pocket” Scott had patented. He became aware of the infringement and contacted the company, seeking to approach them as a licensing partner- a strategy he uses anytime he becomes aware of an infringement. So far, this strategy has been a success. In this case, he was completely ignored and the company continued to violate the patent and he was forced to sue.”

According to Mr. Jordan’s staff:

” In one case, there is a Chinese company that has completely ripped off his entire retail clothing line, name and all. “- They are not manufacturing our stuff, they just trademarked our company name which has complicated selling and manufacturing in China.
We have a patent pending on this pocket (The George Pocket), but the actual issue was that another company completely knocked off our entire clothing design. Including the FULL pocket structure and even our patented features.
We are currently pursing legal action against both of these parties and the outcomes are looking unsurprisingly favorable to us.”

You can get the whole, convoluted story here.

Another sideline to this story, Mark Cuban and Scott Jordan are going at it big time on Twitter! Check out the tweets between @mcuban and @scottevest, it’s unbelievable!

The Shark Tank keeps getting more interesting every day!


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  1. Steven Hamberg says

    The show was interesting to say the least, and I agree wit the Cuban also… it’s pretty tough to make a case out of a wire running through clothing.

  2. Don’t we know of things that matter more to us to take sides on?

  3. Was a pretty funny show. 100% agree with Cuban…you cannot patent the fact that a wire can run through clothes.

  4. Hang in there. Don’t let them force you into something that will only profit them.

  5. Another great post – Thanks!

  6. Ed Blount says

    Mark Cuban has a point I think

  7. Tom Laing (@tomlaing) says

    Intellectual property protection is such a messy business, that why I like creative commons.

  8. Erik Van Erne says

    Great post

  9. Jason flaugh says

    Government and business are only made more complicated when you are playing on the global playground with other children that don’t want to play nice.

  10. Ty Allen says

    A lot of people side with Cuban because he’s a huge public figure without knowing the facts. We all know that’s true.

    You individuals who agree 100% with Cuban don’t think for one second a big company like Burton or Ralph Lauren tried to file a similar patent? Similarly, as Scott says, if any of those companies had a similar patent, would Scott’s company even exist? Not a chance. If he tried to come out with his products without a patent, those companies would have filed the patent sued him out of existence. As Barbara said, a patent is only worth the amount you are willing to defend it (in more or less words). Large companies have the money to defend those patents and ruin a small company’s chance of ever existing. At least Scott was a lawyer. Often times, small companies fold solely under the financial weight that big companies can put behind their lawsuit. There are numerous examples of this in every sector of business.

    If you are really look for frivolous patents, just look at the technology sector. The massive spiderweb of “patent wars” occurring in that sector are far more ridiculous. That’s also where the real patent trolls exist. Yes, Cuban came from that sector (or close enough) and perhaps thats why patents make him cringe so much. Unfortunately, patents (like Scott’s) are the price of entry into such a competitive and top heavy industry. Without any such patents, you don’t have a chance of surviving. My problem is, I actually like Cuban for what he does at events like the Sloan Sports Conference. However, in this case, I completely side with Scott Jordan. Why fault him for playing “the game” the way it was set up? There are far more (and worse) “seemingly obviously” patents an elementary student could come up with filed every day. The creative commons debate is interesting and has a lot of merit. Unfortunately, that’s never going to change with big “interests” involved in patents. At least, it won’t change any time soon.

    The fact is its was appalling the way the “sharks” dealt with Scott ONLY AFTER learning he had a successful retail business he failed to pitch originally. It’s also appalling the way ABC cut that segment as to make “the sharks” look so definitively like “the good guys.” Good for Scott. Go buy one of his pieces of clothing before you judge it too.

  11. Samuel Schmid says

    Interesting discussion. A massive commetary Ty Allen, something to digest. 🙂

  12. I did not read the first part. So, I don’t know what’s going on. However, it’s important to represent fact right, if he want to pursue the case legally.

  13. Great post!

  14. Lucas Wyrsch says

    Thanks Kirk for sharing this great article! Have a great Tuesday! Best, Lucas

  15. I understand where Mark is coming from on a patent that is sort of vague. Where can I buy my team Mark t-shirt?

  16. NotScott Jordan says

    Scott Jordan is an arrogant person! The sheunfrude runs high on the remarks that have blown up in his face. His wife heads the board and kicked him out of the company, and their bed !!!

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