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Extreme Vehicle Protection Car Covers

car coversCar covers have been around as long as cars. People always want a way to keep dust, debris, and other environmental hazards off their beloved automobiles. The first car covers were glorified blankets, they evolved into custom, snug fitting covers that stayed in place with tie-downs. Extreme Vehicle Protection car covers are the newest, state-of-the art entrant in the car cover market.  Matthew Harris and Kenny Lerner hope the Sharks like their invention when they pitch their business in episode 722.

Extreme Vehicle Protection is a car cover unlike anything you’ve seen before. Picture a giant, Ziploc bag you drive your car into and seal shut and that’s what this product is. It provides the protection from wind, precipitation, and environmental debris that other covers provide, but the baggy-like feature also protects a vehicle from high water from flooding – up to three feet.

It’s fairly simple to use: two people hold the baggy open and you just drive the car in. Once sealed, the closure end should be high off the ground to prevent water seepage from a flood. Each car cover can be used multiple times for storage and is made from high density, tear and puncture resistant,   100% recyclable plastic. If your car gets caught in a big flood, it’s a good idea to replace the bag. They cost $249-$349, depending on the size of the car (and the bag), plus they offer smaller sizes for motorcycles, yard equipment, and even patio furniture.

The business is fairly new, so they probably want a Shark to help get them wider distribution. Will a Shark put this business in the bag?

My Take on Car Covers

I have owned car covers in the past, but I don’t own one now. Since I live near the ocean, a hurricane is always a possibility, so protecting a car against rising tides makes sense. I have insurance though and my little Fiat 500 Pop isn’t exactly an extravagant vehicle. I probably would not buy one.

I know a lot of people with sweet classic cars and my neighbor drives a Ferrari. These guys wouldn’t hesitate to get one of these covers. If I owned a classic car or an expensive sports car, I could justify the expense of an Extreme Vehicle Protection cover, but I don’t. For that reason, I am out.

Will Sharks Cover this business’ growth?

This is an incredibly niche product. Most every day drivers probably wouldn’t drop three hundred bucks for a car cover. I think the market is for high-end or classic cars. The Sharks will probably see things this way, too. Robert is a car guy, so he’ll appreciate the product, but I can’t see him, or any other Shark, getting involved.

Since the product is in such a narrow niche, I think they leave the Tank without a deal.

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  1. I can’t help but think that in the event of a flood, this is going to act like a giant fishing bobber and just float away. It may be sealed in but it’s still basically a big air bubble.

  2. I would like to order the car cover you drive into,if you could send me some information on prices

  3. Where can I buy one?

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