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Price-titution – Because Everyone has a Price

price-titutionPrice-titution is a new game based on the idea that everyone has their price. Dan Killian always found himself asking his friends ‘how much money would you do (insert task here) for?” So he made a game out of it. Each Pricetitution game box comes with 125 different tasks that people have to guess what the player’s price would be to do it.

Some of the tasks border on the disgusting like “how much would it take you to drink a glass of pee?” Others are more true to life like “how much would it take to let someone look through your phone and share anything they want?” There are 123 other questions in the box, so there’s lots of game play.

o play, a player (the Pricetitute) draws a price tag from the deck. The other players have a minute to question the Pricetitute to get an idea of their answer. Next, everyone writes down the lowest possible dollar value for what the player would do the task for. Then, everyone shares their prices and the one closest to the player’s price gets a point. The first to four points wins the game. Most games take a half hour to 45 minutes. It’s different every time you play it with someone new, too.

This is a classic “get to know you” adult party game. Dan says it’s kid friendly too if you remove a few “select cards.” The game costs $22 on Amazon, so it’s not going to break anyone’s bank. Every once in a while, a new game comes on the scene that becomes a big hit. Remember Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary? Dan hopes a Shark – and n appearance on the show – will make Price-titution the next big thing.

My Take on Price-titution

I think this is a clever idea for a game. We play games at our house, but it’s mostly Risk, Dominoes or cards. This would be a fun game for a family gathering or a dinner party, not a regular thing. I can see people having a lot of fun with it.

The thing about games, like the aforementioned Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary, is they are a one-time purchase and they tend to be faddy. That’s not a knock on Price-titution, it’s just a fact. I think it’s clever, but I wouldn’t buy it for myself. It would make a good gift though.

Will the Sharks have a Price?

This has all the makings of a funny, entertaining pitch. Whether Dan gets a deal for Price-titution is another matter. Kevin will have lots of advice due to his toy industry background. He may even bid, too. I can see him offering some kind of licensing contingency deal.

As for the other Sharks, only Lori strikes me as one who’d bid on it. She can sell it through her many channels. The other Sharks will likely bow out. If Lori and Kevin don’t bid, I think Dan won’t get his price.

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