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Shark Tank Fan Base Grows Stronger

Shark Tank fan base seems to be growing stronger even with the show being in an off season and running reruns of previous episodes. I’m sure that many people are going back and watching the episodes again, but with new comments on previous posts, it’s obvious many people are seeing the show for the first time.

I often hear comments from viewers who wonder why they don’t have top notch entrepreneurial deals for every pitch. The reason is simple, they want to show a wide variety of entrepreneurs at every stage.

I think that the show does a great job of this, bringing out many personalities and skill levels. The give a real life picture of who these people are in a matter of minutes.

Sometimes entrepreneurs will walk away from great deals with the Sharks because they don’t know any better, or worse, get caught up in the intense emotions of the moment, failing to have a grasp on reality and what’s ultimately best for them.

When you put so much effort into getting a start-up business going, it’s not uncommon for us to take harsh words personally. If we separate the emotion and get grounded with logical thought, we can often gain advantages over the Sharks because like the Entrepreneurs, the Sharks are often engaged in emotions as well.

The upcoming episode clearly displays the damage that emotions can do when the Sharks fail to bite on reviving a clothing line. Had the Entrepreneur had the right answers, she may have been able to influence the Sharks to invest, but they could see that she had lost faith in herself and was going for a last ditch bailout effort.

Another Entrepreneur comes in with a product that has a very similar competitor outside the United States. They both started about the same time. I wonder who has the copy on that one?

Ultimately, the show is great entertainment, especially if you are an Entrepreneur, and you will be able to learn from the show if you’re planning on pitching investors.

Don’t miss this great show that airs on Friday nights on ABC.

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