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The 72 – Survival Kit from Uncharted Supply Company

the 72Christian Schauf and Mike Escamilla claim their product, The 72, is “the ultimate survival system.” They say, in the event of a natural disaster, it can be the difference between life and death. The 72 is a backpack loaded with survival supplies designed to get any individual through the first 72 hours in the aftermath of a natural disaster. It contains a tent, mylar blanket, water filter, tools, flashlight, and just about anything else to help keep you alive for three days.

They call it The Seventy2 because the first 72 hours after the initial strike of a disaster event are the most critical. 95% of the time, within 72 hours, relief efforts mobilize to save people in distress. A lot of people thought it was a good idea, since they raised $491,406 on IndieGoGo in early 2017. As of August 2017, they shifted sales to the IndieGoGo marketplace, a section of the site where companies that can ship product sell their wares. The 72 implemented and shipped their product far more efficiently that many crowdfunded projects – a testimony to the fitness of the business and quality of the product.

Survival is on the minds of many this summer/fall after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria devastated parts of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The director of FEMA said Americans need to foster a better “culture of preparedness” in response to natural disasters. The 72 is part of that culture and they hope the Sharks see the connection when the guys pitch the product in episode 904.

My Take on The 72

My family just went through hurricane Irma. While the worst of the storm missed us, it was still a harrowing experience. We spent the better part of a week prepping for the worst case scenario aftermath. We stockpiled water, canned goods and got extra propane to cook with. Even though we prepared, I think we could have done more and we will for the next (inevitable) hurricane.

We also have many friends in Houston who lost everything in hurricane Harvey. The total destruction in Puerto Rico was also very sobering. I think EVERYONE should have The Seventy2 in their home for emergencies – our family will get at least one for our next brush with disaster. Whether these guys get a deal or not, they are going to sell a TON of these while the memories are still fresh from this hurricane season. I am IN!

Will the Sharks Help this Business Survive?

Only a person living under the rock won’t see the value in this product. The Sharks are not stupid. With nearly half a million dollars worth of product sold BEFORE they even produced it, there’s proof of concept. The guys who run The 72 have other products in the works through The Uncharted Supply Company, so their survival system isn’t the end. This has the potential to be a $100 million company.

I expect multiple bids for this. Even Lori can sell it on QVC! A bidding war ensues over The 72 with offers coming from all Sharks. In the end, I think Mark ends up partnering with them because he has complementary businesses in Insta Fire and Power Practical. Mark is a survivor and this company thrives with him as a partner.

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