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The Flaus Electric Flosser

flaus electric flosser

Samantha Coxe, the visionary behind The Flaus Electric Flosser, has transformed the landscape of dental care with her innovative creation. Coxe’s journey began when she raised an impressive $270,611 on IndieGoGo, driven by her personal struggle with traditional flossing methods. Before Flaus, Coxe, like many of us, found flossing to be a daunting task, resulting in neglected dental hygiene and a hefty dental bill. Determined to find a better solution, Coxe embarked on a mission to reinvent flossing.

Drawing inspiration from her love for her electric toothbrush, Coxe envisioned a flossing experience that was as effortless and effective. The result? The Flaus Electric Flosser, a game-changer in the world of dental care. This revolutionary device boasts a sustainable design and utilizes real dental floss, coupled with 8,000 sonic vibrations per minute, effortlessly removing plaque and debris from even the tightest spaces between teeth.

What is The Flaus Electric Flosser?

The Flaus Electric Flosser is designed for convenience and comfort, featuring an ergonomic handle for easy maneuverability and a USB-C rechargeable battery with a one-month lifespan. Its waterproof and portable design ensures that maintaining optimal oral hygiene is no longer confined to the bathroom.

Beyond its functionality, Flaus is committed to sustainability, using compostable and biodegradable materials and offering low-waste refillable floss heads. Coxe’s dedication to promoting healthy dental habits extends beyond the product itself, as Flaus collaborates with over 200 dental professionals through its ambassador program, including esteemed dentist Dr. Vivian Roknian, DMD.

Priced at $119 for a one-time purchase or $99 with a subscription, Flaus is not only accessible but also empowers users to prioritize their oral health without breaking the bank. Coxe’s journey from a corporate 9-to-5 to founding Flaus exemplifies the power of determination and innovation, culminating in over $3.5 million in funding and a transformative solution to a timeless challenge in dental care.

My Take on The Flaus Electric Flosser

I floss twice a day with actual floss. Both my wife and I keep floss picks in our glove comparments in case we need to floss on the go. I didn’t know there were electric flossers. There are others out there, but not as sustainably made as The Flaus Electric Flosser. I’m gonna get one!

Do Sharks Floss?

When a company comes into the Shark Tank with other investors, I always fear for the entrepreneur presenting their business. The reason is the Sharks typically want a bigger slice of the pie than standard venture capitalists. It’s frequently a deal killer. I’m not sure if Samantha is profitable yet either, which also makes the Sharks skittish.

That said, her background is in mergers and acquisitions, so she’ll have a level of sophisitication discussing the numbers that most Shark Tank presenters don’t have. If there are offers, they could be too high for Samantha.

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