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The Wisp Broom and Dust Pan

wisp broomScratch golfer and inventor Eben Dobson enters with his Wisp Broom, the first innovation of the broom in nearly 100 years. He got the idea for the product from an earlier invention of his: a bristle brush for cleaning off golf greens. The Wisp Broom has stiff, bristle like “hairs” that are closely packed together to sweep up nearly everything. They’re so tight they even move large debris around. The angle of the telescoping handle makes the bristles meet the floor at a ninety degree angle, which makes sweeping more efficient.

The other part of the Wisp Broom “system” is an evolutionary dustpan. The design allows the sweeper to hold the dustpan in place with their foot. This means no stooping over (except to pick it up) and it frees up both hands for more efficient sweeping into the dust pan. Also, the telescoping handle lets you get into tight spaces and under furniture – something you can’t do with a regular broom.

A Wisp Broom System – complete with broom, dustpan, and a hand Wisp and dustpan will set you back forty bucks. Dobson looks like he has several infomercial-type advertisements already produced as evidenced by the videos on his website. I haven’t seen one on TV yet though. He likely wants a Shark’s help with that piece of the business. Will a Shark be swept away by Mr. Dobson and his revolutionary take on the broom?

My Take on the Wisp Broom

I used to sell demonstrate -able products at home shows and big fairs and markets years ago. I’d stand up on stage and do a demonstration then whip the audience into a buying frenzy. I sold a “slicer and dicer,” Sham-Wow, Funky mops and cleaning products. It was like a live infomercial. I enjoyed doing it and made some decent money too.

The Wisp Broom System would be a good product to sell that way. Build value by showing all the cool things the broom could do, get the audience to buy into the $40 price, then hit them with the “wait, there’s more” moment and add the mini Wisp and dust pan as a kicker. I bet I could sell a TON of these at such shows.

Dobson probably realizes that and wants to put that show on TV. A good infomercial can sell tons of products like this. If he ever wants to do road shows, I hope he gives me a call. I’d love to have a whack at selling these, just for kicks. I am IN.

Will the Sharks be Swept Away?

Watch the video on this page and see if you think the Sharks will like this. The product works and EVERYONE needs a broom, so it’s a universal item. It’s patented too, so it will remain unique for quite a while. I think more than one Shark will bid, as long as the valuation is right and sales are growing.

Kevin has been making a big deal about being the “QVC King” the past few seasons and this is a great QVC product (see my infomercial discussion above). He may bid. Lori, Queen to Kevin’s King, loves these types of household products and I think it will be a “hero” for her, so I expect her to bid. I’m not so sure about Mark, Sara or Barbara. Expect at least two offers; hopefully Dobson will sweep some of the Sharks’ cash up.

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