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Make Up for Men by Stryx

make up for menDevir Kahan created Stryx, his make up for men, because of a zit. His cofounder, Jon Shanahan, sought Devir out for the same reason: a zit. Devir was about to get married when a rather gnarly pimple appeared on his face on his wedding day. He says the zit is memorialized in dozens of wedding pictures. Shanahan had a similar experience. In Devir’s case, he sought out make up for men and couldn’t find any. Like any self respecting entrepreneur, the former publishing coordinator and designer created his own. When Shanahan, a successful, full time Youtuber discovered Stryx, he approach Devir and he became a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

Stryx  is named after the Strix Owl whose feathers were used in mythological tales to create a potion for wisdom and beauty. The two guys started the business in 2019 because they saw a need for make up for men. Lot’s of guys have used there wife’s, girlfriend’s or mother’s make up to conceal blemishes, but there wasn’t anything specifically made for men. The closet thing was repacked woman’s make up with a “made for men” label. This stuff is usually found in the woman’s make up section of a store, a section most men don’t venture into. Stryx products are found in the men’s shaving section.

And those products are in a LOT of shaving sections. Stryx can be found in CVS, Target and the company website. Their products include a cosmetic stripping face wash, an anti shine tool, lip balm, tinted moisturizing gel, an energizing eye tool and their all new pimple patches. Men are buying it too. 2021 revenue topped $1.5 million and the company has attracted $1.7 million in venture capital. Now, they want a Shark to help take the business to the stratosphere.

My Take on Make Up For Men

I’ve been on TV numerous times and I had my face made up for several appearances – mostly news studio settings. I’ve never worn make up for the thousands of videos I appear in. I’m just not that vain I guess. While I understand why some guys might want to use these products, the only ones I’d be interested in are the pimple patches and their beard gel. Other than that, I won’t wear make up. Period. Sorry Stryx.

Do Sharks Make Up a Deal for Stryx?

When Devis and Jon started the business, there were no other make up for men brands out there. Now, there are numerous brands trying to exploit this new cosmetic category. Being the first is always good, but the Sharks could object to the lack of propriety of these products.

That said, I think they might get a deal. Jon told a local news outlet that the Sharks, particularly the male Sharks, were very receptive to their brand. Jon also made a connection with Mark Cuban as they’re from the same neighborhood in Pittsburgh. The male Sharks (and the female ones) all wear make up on the set. When I met Mark Cuban at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2016, he had make up on because he’d just filmed a segment for Shark Tank.

Jon also told the reporter that the male Sharks had to do their own make up during the Covid-19 pandemic and they found it problematic. This is why they were so receptive to Stryx’s products. $1.5 million in sales probably didn’t hurt either. It’s unusual for a Shark Tank entrepreneur to be so forthcoming in a pre-show interview. Shark Tank strictly forbids discussing the outcome prior to the air date. While he never came out and said he did a deal, I think Stryx does and I think they do it with Mark Cuban.

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