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Sullivan Generator Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 3

Mark Sullivan Generator on Shark TankSullivan Generator is the concept of Mark Sullivan, who appeared in episode 311 in season 3. The Texas inventor claimed he had a design for a generator, eponymously named “The Sullivan Generator,” that could generate electricity by harnessing the spin of the earth. The MENSA Society member claims the Coriolis Effect will cause the generator to spin, creating free energy and a valuable waste by-product: GOLD!

Sullivan Generator Pitch

Mark was asking the Sharks to invest $1 million for a 10% share of his “business.” The generator, which is only a conceptual drawing, delivers water vapor from sea water into a vortex to power electric generating turbines. The natural spin of the earth creates the energy to power the generator. Mark claims nearly $100 Billion in gold could be made from the waste products of his machine. Daymond John has no idea what Sullivan is saying, he’s out. So is Barbara Corcoran. Mark doesn’t believe a word of the pitch, he’s out too. Robert Herjavec offers to give $50,000 for the Sullivan Generator if Mr. Wonderful will kick in the other $950K. Kevin O’Leary says he’s out after he asks Sullivan how long he’s been visiting this planet! He leaves with no investment but vows to continue his quest “to leave a legacy of goodness for the world.”

Sullivan Generator Shark Tank Update

Mark Sullivan has not found any investors since he appeared on the show. He did speak at the South Texas Mensa Society in July 2012, but has not made any public appearances since then. While Sullivan is an intelligent man, SharkTank Blog has yet to find any credible sources who can attest to the viability of the Generator. The reality seems to be that the energy required to generate the Coriolis Effect sufficient enough to create energy would most likely exceed the output of the Generator itself. He did make this cool dune buggy. The one thing Mr. Sullivan seems to have correct is this statement: “This is the land of opportunity & innovation, and inventors like me are what will save America.”

As of December, 2022, his website is  still functioning and this  is still one of the most bizarre pitches ever in the Shark  Tank.

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