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Fudge Funny Woman Donna McCue Interview

Fudge tycoon Donna McCue made a big splash with her Fat Ass Fudge in episode 409, the so-called “Shark Tank Holiday Special.” She was portrayed as a wacky, Fudge making lady with big ideas and not much of a plan, but there is much more to Donna than her fudge. She’s had an interesting career […]

Cell Phone Holder PartiePoche Train Wreck Explored

The fashion cell phone holder, PartiePoche (pronounced Party Posh), was the episode 409 “Holiday Train Wreck Pitch.” A good train wreck in the Shark Tank is great for ratings and, while it doesn’t always leave entrepreneurs’ public character intact, it’s often good for sales too. What was witnessed by Shark Tank fans when Connor Pastoor and […]

Update Segment Filmed for BuggyBeds

Every entrepreneur who appears on Shark Tank wants to have an update segment filmed; that means they’ve been successful. Maria Curcio and partner Veronica Periongo, the women who scored an investment from ALL FIVE Sharks in episode 402, are getting their update segment just a few months after their original air date. The Sharks invested in […]

Cheryl Rigdon Spatty Inventor Update and Interview

Cheryl Rigdon may not have walked away from the Shark Tank with a deal, but she did make a big splash. The original article, The Spatty by Cheryl Rigdon, on Shark Tank Blog generated the most comments of any post on this site to date. Her gentle manner, all around likeability, coupled with an extremely useful […]

Roger Sullivan of Wired Waffles Speaks Out

Roger Sullivan has been an entrepreneur for quite some time. The Washington state entrepreneur was recently featured on Shark Tank where he pitched the Sharks on Wired Waffles, his family’s caffeine infused, ready to eat waffle product. Things got very heated in the Shark Tank for Roger Sullivan. He made some tactical mistakes and he […]

Soap Nuts Tycoon Mona Weiss of EcoNuts Interview

I never heard of soap nuts before EcoNuts was scheduled to appear on Shark Tank. I wanted to find out more about soap nuts, so I gave Mona Weiss, who co-founded EcoNuts with her fiance’ Scott Shields, a call to get the skinny on organic soap. They were still slammed with orders after appearing in […]

Aaron Krause Scrub Daddy Pre-Show Interview

Aaron Krause is the guy who invented Scrub Daddy and will appear in the Shark Tank Friday in episode 407 to pitch his product. He has always been the “black sheep” of his family. After reading my preview the other day, Aaron agreed to a pre-show interview. I spoke with Aaron, an avid Philadelphia Flyers […]

Zach Crain Freakers Interview

Zach Crain, the wild and wacky “beep beep beeping” inventor of Freakers made quite a splash in the Shark Tank when he underwhelmed the sharks with his pitch to fund his business, Freaker USA. He left without an investment, but Zach endeared himself to Shark Tank fans with his quirky persona and very silly pitch. […]

Vitamin Oral Spray Pioneer Brandon Marz Interview

Vitamin oral spray pioneer Brandon Marz got a bit hot under the collar when he appeared in  Shark Tank episode 405 with his father, Keith. The father/son business partners successfully pitched the Sharks with their revolutionary vitamin oral sprays: Marz Sprays. The entrepreneurs walked away with a deal from Lori Greiner for $200K for 25% […]

Post Show Interview with Brian Fleming

Brian Fleming made time for a post show interview following his Shark Tank debut. Kevin and Brian Fleming made a big splash in the Shark Tank last week with their comedy laced pitch to the Sharks for their business, BagBowl. Despite a few rocky moments, the brothers got exactly what they were asking for from […]

Tereson Dupuy of FuzziBunz Interview

Tereson Dupuy, the creator and owner of FuzziBunz, made a big splash in the Shark Tank when she appeared. Even though she didn’t get a deal with one of the Sharks, the experience was positive. I had a nice chat with Tereson and she shared some insights about herself, her business, and her Shark Tank […]

CBS Foods: Chef Big Shake Interview

Chef Big Shake (real name Shawn Davis) wants to make his Shrimp Burgers a household staple all across the USA. Shawn, and his company CBS Foods, were featured on last Friday’s Shark Tank re-run. Shawn was looking for one of the Sharks to help him roll out nationally. One by one, all the Sharks went […]

Paddle Boards Entrepreneur Stephan Aarstol Interview

Paddle Boards are a huge new entrant into the water sports marketplace and Tower Paddle Boards owner Stephan Aarstol recognized the trend early. I recently spoke with Stephan, who made a deal with Mark Cuban on The Shark Tank. Cuban took 30% of Tower Paddle Boards for a $150,000 investment and asked for right of […]

Follow Up Donny McCall Invis-A-Rack

I spoke with Donny McCall the other night. He’s the guy who invented Invis-A-Rack, the fold away pick up truck rack he invented after his wife gave him some guff about going out on the town in a truck with permanent work racks affixed to the top. I can identify with that sentiment; when I […]

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