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Nardo’s Natural Update

Kyle and Danny Nardo greeted me and my family at their new spa in St. Petersburg, FL and gave me a Nardo’s Natural update on video. We met them in the late morning and they showed us around the spa. Nardo’s Natural Update on New Developments While Danny played soccer with my 8 year-old, Kyle […]

Proof Update Interview

Brooks Dame sent over a pair of shades so I could do a Proof Sunglasses review, and we made arrangements for him to give fans a Proof update on the Dame brothers’ post Shark Tank experience. Brooks and his brothers have been very busy since their Shark Tank début in episode 416 and he was […]

Drop Stop Update

When I spoke to Marc Newburger and Jeffrey Simon to get a Drop Stop update after they made a deal with Lori Greiner in episode 419, I found two guys who are having a BLAST being entrepreneurs and who are enjoying the glow of their 15 minutes of Shark Tank fame. I wanted to know […]

Rebecca Rescate on Building Successful Businesses

I had the pleasure of co-hosting the Small Businesses Do it Better show on Tuesday, March 26th and I got to talk with Rebecca Rescate about building successful businesses. Rebecca is no stranger to building successful businesses, she’s been successful on Shark tank twice with two different products: CitiKitty and The Hoodie Pillow. As co-host for […]

CordaRoys Update Interview with Byron Young

I spoke to Byron Young, the bean bag chair/bed maker, to get a CordaRoys update on the deal he made with Lori Greiner on Shark Tank episode 417. Byron took a $200K investment from Lori for 58% of CordaRoys, a company he started back in 1998. He filled me in on the company history, his […]

Cowboy Ryan Ehmann Update Interview

When you want to talk to a cowboy, you have to get your story from the proverbial horse’s mouth, which is what I did to get a Cowboy Ryan Ehmann Update about his recent appearance on Shark Tank episode 417. I called Ryan for an interview and when he picked up the phone, he greeted […]

Smuffins Update Interview with Carmen Lindner

I spoke with Carmen Lindner recently to get a Smuffins update. Carmen unsuccessfully pitched the Sharks in episode 418 for her business Gotta Have S’More where she sells her signature Smuffins – a S’More in the shape of a muffin. The Birth of Smuffins I asked Carmen what originally motivated her to start her business. […]

Jeska Shoe Update Interview with Jessica Haynes

I contacted Jessica Haynes to get a Jeska Shoe update after Daymond invested in her shoes with removable heels in episode 420. Jessica is having the whirlwind ride of her young life in the aftermath of her popular segment on Shark Tank. She really connected with the audience. She connected with me and took the […]

Cell Helmet Update

I spoke with business owner Mike Kane before Cell Helmet appeared on Shark Tank and I spoke with him again to get a Cell Helmet update. I thought Mike sounded excited about his business the first time I talked with him, this time, he was ecstatic!! Cell Helmet Update Shark Tank Doesn’t Crash Website Cell […]

Muddy Water Camo Update Interview

When I called Mississippi for a Muddy Water Camo update, I had to wait; Steve Maloney and Stephen Kirkpatrick were busy talking to Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant.  Mr. Bryant got wind of Muddy Water Camo’s Shark Tank appearance and wanted to meet the two “huntrepreneurs.” Apparently Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia did some duck hunting […]

Matt Franklin Posture Now Update

Read Shark Tank Blog’s Posture Now Review Matt Franklin, co-founder of PostureNow, is a hard guy to pin down. I have been chasing him for an interview for months, but he’s been too busy. Matt and Mike are currently touring factories in China to get some other products off the ground.  Matt Franklin and I […]

Mike Kane Cell Helmet Pre-Show Interview

Mike Kane is the co-founder and CEO of Cell Helmet. He’ll pitch the company, along with business partner Dave Artuso, to the Sharks in episode 417. While trying to verify which cell phone case business was going to appear on the show, I stumbled into a conversation with Mike on the phone. He wouldn’t tell […]

Romy Taormina Psi Bands Pre-Show Interview

Romy Taormina is the inventor and founder of Psi Bands. She’ll be appearing on Shark Tank in episode 420 to pitch her acupressure wrist bands that ease nausea for motion sickness, morning sickness, and chemotherapy related nausea. I caught up with Romy Taormina for a pre-Shark Tank interview. Romy Taormina Background Romy Taormina has a […]

Grill Charms Update Interview with Leslie Haywood

I spoke with Leslie Haywood recently to get a Grill Charms update. Leslie successfully charmed the Sharks in season 1, netting Robert Herjavec as a business partner. Grill Charms are metallic “labels” for your grilled meats so you can distinguish who gets a rare piece or a well done piece or for any purpose. They’re […]

Xeroshoes Update Interview with Steve and Lena

A Xeroshoes update was in the works when I spoke to Steve Sashen and Lena Phoenix before they aired on Shark Tank. When I first spoke to them, they knew the outcome of their pitch, but they didn’t know how they’d be portrayed in their edit. When I called Steve and Lena to get a […]

Bea Arthur Pretty Padded Room Update Interview

Bea Arthur says she gets asked about the other Bea Arthur about once an hour! Her parents are from Ghana and had no idea who that Bea Arthur was when they named their child, but Bea has been fielding questions about her name for her entire life. Maybe it was all those questions that gave […]

Susie Taylor Bibbitec Update Interview

Susie Taylor and her husband Steve didn’t get a deal in episode 413, but the story about their Bibbitec bib resonated with viewers, even though the Sharks didn’t invest. Kevin O’Leary thought the Taylors should take the bib “out behind the barn and shoot it,” but Susie Taylor is one tough, driven, momtrepreneur; she doesn’t […]

Megan Gage Hot Tot Update Interview

Megan Gage got a deal for Hot Tot, her kids hair care products in Shark Tank episode 412. Mark Cuban offered $75K for 40% of the company. The deal went through as portrayed on the show and Megan has been hard at work building the Hot Tot brand. I caught up with Megan Gage to […]

Nicole Townend Teddy Needs a Bath Interview

Nicole Townend was nervous when she walked down the hall to enter the Shark Tank. The creator of Teddy Needs a Bath was nervous for the usual reasons and more. About twenty minutes before she went onstage, her daughter spilled hot coffee all over herself and needed to go to the infirmary at the Sony […]

Rebecca Rescate Hoodie Pillow Post Show Update

The Hoodie Pillow had an old Shark Tank pro in their corner in episode 415 and now we’re doing a Hoddie Pillow post show update. Rebecca Rescate made a much hyped return to the Shark Tank. The season two Shark Tank Success story is the first entrepreneur to return to the Tank a second time […]

Reality Check with Cuddletunes Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson got a reality check when he saw his Cuddletunes segment air in episode 415. His Shark Tank producer told him when he was done taping he’d “come off as a likeable guy.” That’s not what happened after the Shark Tank editors got their hands on the footage. Viewers might get the idea that […]

Rabbi Moshe Wiess Soundbender Interview

A Rabbi is the last person you’d expect to see on Shark Tank, but Rabbi Moshe Weiss was a huge hit last Friday in episode 415. His pitch was humorous, entertaining, informative, and he had his numbers down pat. The Sharks like Rabbi Moshe and so did the many fans tweeting on the #SharkTank hashtag. […]

Rebecca Rescate Returns: An Interview

Rebecca Rescate got a nice deal for her wildly successful CitiKitty in the Shark Tank season 2 finale. She partnered with Kevin Harrington who made a $100K investment for 20% of the business. Rebecca Rescate sold many CitiKitty products prior to Shark Tank. She was on many TV shows and her cat even had a […]

Kids Medicine Dropper Inventor Tiffany Krumins Interview

Tiffany Krumins didn’t set out to invent a medicine dropper for kids, she just wanted to help kids. As a nanny to special needs kids and a frequent volunteer at a children’s health care center in Atlanta, Tiffany constantly sought ways to make the kids in her care more comfortable. The idea for AVA the […]

Scotty Claus Martin from Living Christmas Interview

Scott “Scotty Claus” Martin made a deal with Mark Cuban on the Shark Tank Holiday special. Daymond John almost did a deal with Scotty Claus because he “always wanted to be in business with a guy with a handlebar mustache,” but Mark Cuban got the honors. The Living Christmas Company pitch by Scotty Claus was […]