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Summer Slawsa – Update from Julie Busha

This summer Slawsa should be on everyone’s shopping list if you’re serving hot dogs and hamburgers for cookouts. It’s a true “all in one” condiment for hot dogs and it adds a nice taste to burgers too. Since connecting with Julie several years ago, she’s quadrupled her distribution to over 7200 stores and counting. I […]

Chef in Black Update Interview – Dorene Humason

I spoke with Dorene Humason to get a Chef in Black update. Her episode re-runs on CNBC Tuesday, June 3. It’s the first time this episode will be seen since a re-run on ABC back in 2010. Dorene makes Chef in Black brand California Asian Fusion Salad Dressings in bottled and dry mix forms. A […]

Bon Affair Preview Interview with Jayla Siciliano

I spoke with Jayla Siciliano to get a Bon Affair preview before she introduces the world to her new line of wine spritzers in Shark Tank episode 525 this Friday. Jayla graciously sent along two bottles of her Bon Affair Sauvignon Blanc and one bottle of the Syrah (pictured on the left). I cracked open […]

Emily Doubilet – Susty Party Interview

I spoke with Emily Doubilet to get a pre-show Susty Party interview. Episode 526 was supposed to air several weeks ago, but it got bumped, so I’m WAY ahead of the curve here! Emily is a party girl at heart, and she has a big heart, too. Originally an entertainer, Emily made the NYC party […]

Hold Your Haunches Update

When I spoke to Erin Bickley and Jenny Greer for a Hold Your Haunches update the Monday after their original air date in the Shark Tank “battle of the sexes” episode, I had no idea I’d be speaking to the latest Shark Tank success story! The ladies were punchy after a weekend of limited sleep […]

Power Practical Interview – David Toledo and Caleb Light

Power Practical principles Caleb Light and David Toledo spoke with me prior to their pitch on Shark Tank episode 524 where they’ll introduce Power Pot, a thermoelectric generator and cooking pot all in one. The two Eagle Scouts combined their love for camping and their technical and business talents to create a “powerful” business” with […]

Baker Mills Cameron Smith Interview – Kodiak Cakes

Baker Mills was originally “founded” in 1982 when then 8-year-old Joel Clark peddled pancake mix his mother made up from his grandpa’s recipe around his neighborhood. In 1994, Joel’s older brother John made a “real” business out of the old family recipe and Baker Mills began selling their Kodiak Cakes pancake mixes. Joel came into […]

Max Valverde – Morninghead Pre Show Interview

Even though he kept a “book of inventions” for years, Max Valverde wasn’t always an entrepreneur. In fact, until a few years ago, he was a successful sales engineer for an international sales division of EMSEAL. Max was instrumental in taking the large, domestic construction company international. Max Valverde is a Brown University mechanical engineering graduate […]

Steve Denton on Affiliate Marketing

I recently attended Affiliate Summit West in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada and I had the opportunity to interview Steve Denton. Who is Steve Denton? He was the keynote speaker at the conference and he’s the VP of Marketing for EBay Enterprise Media, an affiliate network that represents some of the top names in retail. Steve’s […]

Ryan’s Barkery Update Interview

“Everyone wants to know what happened to ‘the kid,’” according to Daniela Kelly when I called to get a Ryan’s Barkery Update just before Christmas. Daniela is Ryan’s mom and a big part of the business. They both appeared in Shark Tank episode 424 and the Kellys scored a deal with Barbara Corcoran, who invested […]

Chocomize Update Interview

I spoke recently with Joe Dauenhauer to get a Chocomize update. Joe, a Saugus, MA native and Boston College alum, charmed Lori Grenier with his Boston accent (who WOULDN’T be chahmed by such a wicked awesome accent), but she and the other Sharks weren’t sweet enough on the business to invest. Despite declining a job offer […]

Screenmend Update Interview

I spoke with Brian, Emma, and Lily Hooks recently to get a Screenmend update on what went down after Shark Tank. As a father of four girls, I was intrigued by their story (I really wanted to see how they got along OFF SCREEN)! The girls assured me they get along very well, and Brian […]

Bellybuds Update Interview with Curtis Mark Williams

Curtis Mark Williams has a lot to say in this Bellybuds update interview. He’s one half of the partnership that pitched the “ear buds for infants” in episode 508. He and co-inventor Matt Von Waaden left the Shark Tank without a deal, but the Shark Tank effect has propelled Bellybuds into a top-selling item on […]

Plate Topper Update – Bowl Topper

Michael Tseng from season 4  gave me a call to give me a Plate Topper update last week. In case you don’t remember, he was the guy who had arguably the biggest “train wreck” pitch in Shark Tank history. He went from a million dollar offer all the way down to a 90K offer that […]

Man Medals Update Interview – Jim O’Brien

I spoke with entrepreneur Jim O’Brien to get a Man Medals update on his progress since appearing in episode 505. Jim had a very funny and good-natured pitch and product, but it wasn’t enough for the Sharks to invest in. He left the Tank with no deal, but this Man Medals update has a very […]

Fiberfix Update Interview – Eric Child

It shouldn’t take long for Shark Tank to broadcast a FiberFix update segment; the company is poised to explode and Fiber Fix is going to be the next ubiquitous item in homes everywhere. I spoke with Eric Child recently to get a quick FiberFix update interview after their segment aired. My suspicions were confirmed: FiberFix […]

Rufflebutts Update Interview – Mark and Amber Schaub

Mark and Amber Schaub took some time to speak with me for a Rufflebutts update interview. They spoke about their business history, their trip to the Shark Tank, and what drives them as entrepreneurs. We chatted for over an hour and if they lived in my area, they’re the type of folks my wife and […]

Rapid Ramen Update

Christopher Johnson scored a deal with Mark Cuban in episode 503 and I contacted him to get a Rapid Ramen update to see how things were going. Chris gave a very detailed pre-show interview prior to airing, but I wanted to see what’s changed since his segment aired. I contacted Chris, who is SUPER BUSY […]

Shell Bobbers Update Interview with Jeff Stafford

There is a Shell Bobbers update segment in episode 509 in season 5 on October 25. Shell Bobbers is one of those simple, little products that catches on and makes someone rich. In this case, entrepreneurs Jeff Stafford and Dusty Holloway hooked a Shark when Mark Cuban invested in their fishing bobbers made from shot-gun […]

Pre Show Hamboards Interview with Don Sandusky

I contacted the folks at Blumenfeld and Associates PR firm to arrange a Hamboards interview prior to the show. I was expecting to speak with Pete or Gus Hamborg; instead I was connected to Don Sandusky, Pete’s cousin. He appears in the Shark Tank with Pete and Gus this Friday, October 8. “I’m the good-looking […]

Chris Johnson – Rapid Ramen Pre-Show Interview

Chris Johnson, a 34 year-old, soon to be multi-millionaire, pitches his Rapid Ramen Cooker to the Sharks in Episode 503. The UC Davis grad currently runs a successful business that does project management, recruiting, and temporary staffing  in the construction, architecture, and engineering fields. After his Shark Tank appearance, he’ll be known simply as “The Rapid Ramen […]

Echo Valley Meats Update Interview with Dave Alwan

I spoke with Dave Alwan after he appeared on Shark Tank to get an Echo Valley Meats update and he may have the biggest Shark Tank Success story to date. If you recall, Dave did not get a deal on the show, but his online gourmet meats business BLEW UP after his episode originally aired. […]

Villy Custom Update with Fleetwood Hicks

I spoke with Fleetwood Hicks recently to get a Villy Custom update and he had a lot to tell Shark Tank fans. Hicks struck a deal with Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban back in season three, episode 313. Hicks originally asked for $500K for 33% of the custom-built bike business and ultimately settled on $500K […]

Wicked Good Cupcakes Update

I met up with Tracy Noonan at her Cohasset, MA location to get a Wicked Good Cupcakes update. Tracy and her daughter,  Danielle Desroches, struck a deal with Mr. Wonderful in Shark Tank season four; they got $75K and gave him a $1.00 royalty for every cupcake sold until his investment was returned, then $0.45 for […]

Ice Chips Update Interview with Charlotte Clary

Episode 424, the Shark Tank season 4 finale, was supposed to feature an Ice Chips update segment, but the producers opted for a montage update instead. The Ice Chips update will likely air in the season 5 premier. Ice Chips entrepreneurs Beverly Vines-Haines and Charlotte Clary got a deal on the air in episode 408 with […]

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