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Rebecca Rescate Hoodie Pillow Post Show Update

hoodie pillow post show update

The Hoodie Pillow had an old Shark Tank pro in their corner in episode 415 and now we’re doing a Hoddie Pillow post show update. Rebecca Rescate made a much hyped return to the Shark Tank. The season two Shark Tank Success story is the first entrepreneur to return to the Tank a second time with a different product. She partnered up with friend Chris Hindley to make his invention a sales dynamo, just like Rebecca’s season two hit, CitiKitty.

I interviewed Rebecca last week about her appearance. She said it was nothing like her first time in the Shark Tank, but she was “pleased with the outcome.” I should say so! She got an asking price deal from Robert Herjavec, who invested $90K for 20% of Hoodie Pillow.

Hoodie Pillow Post Show Update: Did the Deal go Down?

As of the Monday following the show, Robert, Chris, and Rebecca were still “in talks” about the Hoodie Pillow deal. It often takes months of negotiations to finish up a deal that’s made on air, so whether this goes through or not is still up in the air. Just because a deal gets made on the air, that doesn’t mean it happens. An on-air deal is a dramatic way of saying, “let’s talk about being partners.”

One thing is for sure, Hoodie pillow had HUGE sales following the show. Rebecca gave me a quick Hoodie Pillow post show update. She said the Monday after the original air date, she and Chris sold over 4,000 Hoodie Pillows and were projecting 8,000 units for the month of February! Do the math, Hoodie Pillow probably doesn’t need an investor now!

Mini Shark

Rebecca said she was “like a mini shark” during the broadcast. She’s not kidding. She deftly handled Mr. Wonderful and was firm with her negotiating. She’s shown she can take a product and sell the crap out of it. She reminds me a bit of Lori Greiner with her “hero or zero” sense for products.

I asked Rebecca what she meant by the “mini shark” comment. She replied, “this ‘mini shark’ wants to be a Big Shark at the front of that room!”

Since she’s the first entrepreneur to return with a new product, it wouldn’t surprise me to see her sitting right next to Mr. Wonderful someday.

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