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Ka-Pop – Ancient Grain Chips

ka-popDustin Finkel invented Ka-Pop chips because he’s a fitness nut who loves to eat. Eating right isn’t always easy, especially when you’re craving chips, but what if the chips were healthy? Dustin asked himself the same question and started experimenting with ancient grain sorghum to make his Ka Pop Chips.

At first he just made chips for friends and family, but he soon realized he was on to something and began manufacturing the chips for consumers. The best part is, these chips are actually good for you! Ancient grain sorghum is the key. Ancient grains are grains that have not been mutated over time or genetically engineered. While the nutritional value of ancient grains versus “regular” grains is a matter that some dispute, there’s no disputing the nutritional value of sorghum.

Sorghum is the main ingredient in all Ka-Pop chips. It’s the fifth largest grown crop world wide and is not terribly popular in the USA – except as livestock feed. That’s too bad because a cup of sorghum has almost half the daily protein required for an adult male. It’s also loaded with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and it’s gluten free.

Finkel uses sorghum and olive oil to “pop” his chips. They resemble mini rice cakes, but thinner. Ka Pop is sturdy enough to stand up to dips or hummus too. There are four flavors: red and green sriracha, dairy free cheddar, olive oil and sea salt and rosemary garlic. They sell in bulk packs on Amazon at $17.50 for twelve bags. Finkel has nationwide distribution, but the product isn’t ubiquitous yet. He wants a Shark’s help making Ka-Pop a household name.

My Take on Ka-Pop

I’ve been losing weight on a keto diet for the past few months, but I sure as heck miss chips! While Ka Pop isn’t keto per se, it is low enough in carbs to sneak in as a snack now and then. It would also be a good “cheat food” as I segue into a more Mediterranean diet in the near future. I like the fact that it isn’t empty calories like a potato chip.

Apparently, the product is a huge hit. Whoever tastes these chips loves them. The Amazon reviews are tremendously positive, too. They are available in Florida, but not near me – yet. Whole Foods is carrying them in limited markets, but when they come to Florida, I will try them. Unless I cave and order some online…..

Will Sharks Chip in and Invest?

It’s no coincidence Rohan Oza is on the panel in this episode. Ka-Pop is one of two food businesses in the Tank tonight and he’ll bring insight about the pitfalls and challenges Ka Pop faces. Just because he’s on the panel, it doesn’t mean he’ll invest. When he does, he charges a premium for his partnership. That said, I think he may bid here if the ask is right.

As for the other Sharks, Mark invested in snack foods in the past and he’s partial to healthy foods – especially if they taste good. Both Barbara and Lori have snack foods in their portfolios and may bid as well. The only Shark that won’t bid is Mr. Wonderful; he’s not a fan of the “shelf space” business. We may see a bidding war here if the product tastes as good as advertised.

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