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Keep Clean this Winter

This post brought to you by North American Property Services. All opinions are 100% mine.
WinterAfter Better Life got a deal with Lori Grenier last week, I started fishing around my cabinets for cleaning supplies just to get an idea of what we had in our house. When they demonstrated on Shark Tank that their cleaning products did a better job than national brands AND they’re safer to use because they have less nasty chemicals, I came to the conclusion we should probably be using their products.

With winter coming, we’ll be doing a deep clean in the house. We have kids in school bringing home yucky germs, so we need to take extra care to keep our house clean and germ free; that way, we won’t have a house full of sick people.

In anticipation of our big fall deep cleaning party, I showed my wife this list of “winter cleaning tips” from North American Property Services, a leading national janitorial services company. Here they are:

1. Wash those hands! Then, wash them again – more germs are spread by the hands than anything else.

2. Disinfect “high touch items” regularly. Wipe down those iPads, cell phones, TV remotes, doorknobs, and keyboards.

3. Dust OFTEN.

4. When dusting, wipe areas dust accumulates with disinfectant. Dust has lots of germs that can cause colds.

5. Dry mop high traffic areas in your house regularly.

6. Clean the windows when it’s warm out. Lots of germs settle on glass.

7. Shampoo carpets to get all the grime out. Germs like to hide in rugs and carpets, but it might be good to do this after all the holiday entertaining (and inevitable spills).

8. Scrub and disinfect bathrooms and pay special attention to the grout.

9. Take your shoes off in the house. Winter is messy and shoes carry all kinds of dirt and germs. (We have a no shoes policy year-round in our house).

10. Wash the floors regularly, especially around entry ways and in high traffic areas.

We do all these things regularly, but we usually do our big fall cleaning party before the Holidays. I think this year, we’ll be looking for Better Life products to wash, wipe, and disinfect everything. If you want more cleaning tips, check out the North American Property Services Facebook Page or find them on Twitter. Happy cleaning everyone!

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