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  1. Today is 5 months. They kept giving excuses and then stopped responding. They didn’t credit my card after I cancelled (4 1/2 months after order). Still no charge back to my credit card. If u want the shoes that badly wait until they are in retail stores. At best they are incompetent and at worst thieves.

  2. Same thing happened to me…too bad, I believed in them!

  3. Diana Alvarez says

    Same thing happened to us. We placed an order the ending of April or beginning of May. They kept telling us that customs was holding their shipment of sneakers. This went on for the next few months. Now they are not answering calls or returning messages. It is a shame that they are unprofessional and losing so many customers. I finally gave up and just left a message to cancel the order.

  4. Brett Nicholls says

    Ordered May 16th. Nothing yet. No updates, refund or product. This company will die a slow death. Guarantee they will have 0 repeat customers.

  5. I ordered in May. Have contacted at least 50 times by email and telephone. All representatives are always busy, perhaps because there are none. The customs excuse got old after the first time. We have been snookered. These people, whoever they are, are laughing all the way to the bank. Take action with the Better Business Bureau, your bank or credit card company, and local government for fraudulent mail order practices.

  6. Did anyone get their shoes

  7. Stephen Study says

    I didn’t

  8. Valerie Meder says

    They processed by credit card for $110.00 on August 9, 2015. Today is Feb. 4, 2016. No shoes, no response to emails or calls, no refund.

  9. Douglas Tinkler says

    No shoes – no money – no response – no contact to the BBB – I wonder if there enough of us to get a group law suit. I filed a complaint with the Indiana AG

  10. This is why you never trust gold diggers that cannot land a deal!

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