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Shark Tank Season 8

shark tank season 8Shark Tank season 8 premiers Friday, September 23 at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. There has not been an “official” ABC press release about the show yet, but a trailer on last night’s rerun of episode 728, which originally aired on April 8, 2016, revealed some exciting surprises.

The most interesting fact about the Shark Tank Season 8 premier is all six “regular” Sharks will appear together in the episode! That’s right, Mark, Daymond, Barbara, Mr. Wonderful, Lori, and Robert will hear pitches from hopeful entrepreneurs and bid (or not) on their businesses. It’s unclear whether this will be a one-time event or if there will always be six Sharks onstage this season.

Another interesting thing is Daymond’s new “look.” He’s sporting a full head of hair this season! His signature shaved head is now a fine, full mat of very grey hair. The look is distinguished to say the least.

Guest Sharks

Chris Sacca will return as a guest Shark in season 8, with an expanded number of appearances. In season 7, Sacca appeared 4 times, so he should be in the Tank at least five times in season 8. Whether he will be one of five or six Sharks onstage remains to be seen, but he has spoken out about ABC airing a full pitch so the audience can see the whole process. Most pitches last about an hour, but get edited down to around 8 minutes. Sacca thinks viewers would enjoy seeing the whole process.

Another twist is the producers were actively recruiting veteran entrepreneurs for a show featuring our veterans. In a Linked In post, casting associate Caren Sachs states:

Dear Veterans,

My name is Caren and I work in the casting department for ABC’s “Shark Tank.” My job is to find the entrepreneurs that appear on the show, and I personally would really like to see veterans on at least one episode for this season, Season 8. If you or anyone you know is a veteran and an entrepreneur, and would be interested in applying for our show, I would love to talk to you or them!

Please feel free to share this information with anyone you know! All interested applicants may either go to our website and apply there, or call/email me directly using this email or 310-244-1336.
Thank you so much for your time and for your service.

As always, there are sure to be more surprises as the season moves forward and Shark Tank Blog will have all the latest news and information regarding every business that appears on the show.

Shark Tank Season 8 Episodes

All Shark Tank Season 8 episodes will be listed on the Season 8 Episodes page, right here on the Shark Tank Blog. As in seasons past, each business will have its own page, which is updated periodically as more information about the business becomes available. A complete preview of each episode will also be available.

As a huge fan of the show, I am totally STOKED for season 8 and I plan to do some traveling to meet up with Sharks and entrepreneurs alike in early 2017. Get ready to GET YOUR SHARK TANK ON and live tweet with me on Fridays @SharkTankBlogr using the hashtag #SharkTank. You can also get updates on our Facebook page.

See you “in the Tank!”

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