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The Flip It Cap Gets the Last Drop

flip it capIf you ever struggled to get the last drop of anything from a bottle, Flip It Cap is for you. Whether it’s shampoo, lotion, mustard or any other condiment, there’s so much waste with the product you can’t reach. Shaking and pounding a bottle only gets so much. When you just turn it upside down, more often than not there’s an explosion of product when you open the cap.

Flip-It Cap solves this problem elegantly and simply. There’s a tripod stand attached to a bottle cap with a valve on it. This keeps the product at the dispensing end of the bottle without the risk of a mess. The valve dispenses product without a mess. With Flip It Cap, there’s no more waste.

Stephen Epstein invented the Flip-It Cap because he got frustrated when his lotion bottle pump malfunctioned and there was no neat and easy way to get the lotion out. By utilizing the force of gravity, he could get every last drop. He saw a business opportunity and went with it. A set of Flip It Caps on Amazon costs just $11.99 for two and $34.99 for an eight pack. You’ll save more than that in unwasted product in a year easy.

Stephen pitches Flip It Cap in Shark Tank episode 1017. He’s likely looking for help with production, distribution and patent enforcement. He  hopes one of the Sharks will flip for his product.

My Take on Flip It Cap

I usually have four or five different flavors of mustard in my fridge – I like mustard. The problem is, mustard bottles are notorious for leaving a lot of wasted product behind. Flip-It Cap would solve my problem! The key is the valve. When I store my mustard upside down, the mustard goes to the dispensing end, but it’s a mess when I open the bottle. The handy valve on the Flip It Cap prevents a messy opening.

As for the price, it seems a bit high for what it is, but the value of saved food or household and beauty items is far greater than the cost of the cap. I’m going to order a set on Amazon as soon as I finish this post. I’m in.

Will the Sharks Flip Out?

While I love the product, I think Stephen will run into two objections in the Tank. The first objection is the “it’s a product, not a company” objection. I can hear Mark uttering that phrase now! The second, more difficult objection is patent protection.

On the Flip-It Cap website, they state: “Our legal team is actively working to enforce our intellectual property rights and remove infringing products from the marketplace, including the importation of counterfeit product into the USA.” This means the product is getting knocked off – a lot. While defending a patent is important, it can’t sustainably be a big focus of an upstart company without a lot of cash for lawyer fees.

The Sharks don’t necessarily want to invest in attorney’s fees, though Mr. Wonderful will quip about suing everyone in sight. Even Lori, who I’d normally think would bid on a product like this, tends to shy away from legal battles going into a deal. I don’t think Mr. Epstein can overcome that hurdle.

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