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Young Entrepreneurs Fuel the Economy of Hope

Young entrepreneurs with Daymond JohnWhen I met Daymond John at Babson College earlier this week, there was a lot of talk about young entrepreneurs. Daymond said he is inspired by “the look of hope in a young entrepreneur’s eyes.” The President of Babson College said young entrepreneurs will be a “driving force in our economy for creating jobs and opportunity.”  Scott Case, StartUp America CEO put it more bluntly when he said young entrepreneurs will be “what gets this country out of the funk that it is in.”

Young Entrepreneurs make it happen

When 50% of college graduates are unable to find work upon entering the work force, they  have two choices: go back to mom and dad’s house or make something happen. Ambitious young people are becoming increasingly aware that there are not as many businesses with good paying jobs in our present economy. An increasingly growing number of young people are making the choice to make things happen for themselves and creating a new sub culture of young entrepreneurs. This is not something to despair about. Daymond called young entrepreneurs “our future and our hope.”

Young Entrepreneurs in the Shark Tank

The Shark Tank has seen its share of young entrepreneurs in past seasons, but season four promises to give many more young entrepreneurs a shot at making their business dreams come true. Young people have an advantage; they have no fear and they have far less to lose. It is far easier for a twenty year old to take business risks because he or she has plenty of time to start over should things not go well. They also don’t have as many preconceived notions of how a business should be run, so they may not get bogged down in the negativity older, more jaded people may have. That’s not to say older people can’t succeed, they surely can; but young entrepreneurs have their whole lives ahead of them.

Shark Tank has released an inspiring montage of young entrepreneurs who will appear during season four. Some will undoubtedly get a deal with the sharks, some will not. Every one of them will get a priceless life lesson and some exposure for their fledgling enterprises which will hopefully lead to success both now and in the future. Young entrepreneurs will be the people to get this country out of the funk it is in. In some respects, they have no choice, but the growing number of young entrepreneurs in the Shark Tank and in the real world can be an inspiration to us all.

Enjoy the video.


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