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Prime-6 Charcoal – Eco Friendly Grilling

prime-6 charcoalOron and Riki Franco, the creators of Prime-6 Charcoal, never thought their favorite pastime would become a business. Riki was into finance and Oron was an accomplished chef before they started the business. Even though they both had professional success, their favorite activity was grilling with friends and family. You can bet the house their cookouts are special with a trained chef running the grill.

As grilling aficionados, they wanted the best charcoal for their grill. Unfortunately, many charcoals contain chemical binding agents which ultimately get on your cooked food. Charcoal is also not very eco friendly since you make it by heating wood to high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. Prime 6 Charcoal comes from the waste sawdust of quality hardwoods like maple and oak. The Francos compress the sawdust with a slow carbonizing process and shape it into a hexagonal design – hence the Prime 6 moniker.

As a result, the hexagonal design allows for better airflow which makes it burn hotter than normal briquets or lump charcoal. And since Prime-6 Charcoal uses material that would otherwise be thrown away, it’s far more eco friendly. Since it burns so hot, it leave a miniscule amount of ash to clean up. As for price, it’s a better value too. One pound of Prime-6 Charcoal replaces three pounds of regular charcoal. A 22 pound box of Prime 6 yields more uses than a comparably priced 35 pound bag of lump charcoal. It appears the company is doing well. They are online at major retailers and Amazon, but they need to get into where the grills are being sold. They’re hoping a Shark can help with that.

My Take on Prime-6 Charcoal

I actually have eaten grilled chicken cooked with Prime 6. My buddy is originally from Buffalo and he always marinates his chicken in Chiavetta’s marinade (it’s a Buffalo thing). The marinade is very good. My buddy always wants the best when he’s grilling: he has a Kamado Joe Grill and someone told him about Prime 6. It definitely works as advertised.

My buddy was like a walking talking commercial for this product when he first bought it and I remember saying “maybe they should go on Shark Tank.” I was prophetic. I can tell anyone interested in this product to buy it. You won’t be disappointed. I am in.

Will Sharks Cook up a Deal?

I think the Francos have a good shot at getting an offer or two. Lori and Mark are in to vegan diets, so owning a business based on grilling might not appeal to them. Blake was very active in bidding in the season premier, so he could bid. Barbara often takes flyers on the entrepreneur over the business and the Francos are sure to impress. Mr. Wonderful has been active with royalty offers this season, so I expect a bid from him.

I think the Francos will get offers, the question is: from which Shark?

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