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Flasky Flowers

flasky flowersRyan and Kelly Moynihan seek an investor for Flasky Flowers, their bouquet holder that’s also a beverage container. Kelly is a hairstylist by trade and a mother of seven kids aged 7,6,5,4,3,2 & 1. She came up with the idea because women at weddings are always saying “hold my drink” so they can take pictures with their flowers. This solves the problem and the bouquet holders can be used at weddings, bachelorette parties, bridal showers or any other event flowers are used.

Basically, it’s a bouquet holder that also hides a drink. The top of the flask has a circular foam base – dry foam for artificial flowers or wet foam for live flowers. The top flips open so you can put your beverage of choice inside and a flexible straw with a cap discretely peeks out among the flowers. Each Flasky Flowers bouquet holder is reusable, too.

The product sells for $19.99 or $62.99 for a four pack. They’re made in the USA in South Florida from BPA free plastic. As of now, they only sell them on their website and Etsy Shop. There are replacement foam inserts available too. They likely want a Shark to help them with marketing. Will a Shark help this business flower?

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Flower Flask by Flasky Flowers

Flasky Flowers Shark Tank Recap

Ryan and Kelly enter seeking $50,0000 for 10% of their business. She explains the product then takes a sip of her flowers and demonstrates how you fill it up. She tells how she got the idea and shows the Sharks her first prototype: a baby bottle and a plastic martini glass.

The Sharks are getting a kick out of the pitch. Sales are only $21,000 to date and each unit costs $1.27 to make. To get the business started, they sold their house and quit their jobs so she could work on it and Ryan could watch the seven kids. They sank $60,000 into the business. They were ready to go in 2018,  but their newest child needed open heart surgery, so the business went on the back burner  for a year. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic tanked the wedding industry, so another year was lost. They have 15,000 units ready to go and are ramping back up.

Lori jumps in and offers $50,000 for 20%. Mark and Kevin offer to join Lori at $75,000 for 30% – 10% each. Barbara says she’ll offer $50,000 for 5% and two of their children. Then she says, “Im kidding,I’m out.” The Moynihans then accept the offer from Mark, Kevin and Lori.

Flasky Flowers Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank Blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank TV show. In the immediate aftermath of the show, Lori Tweeted a link to the company website, but the business isn’t listed on her, Mark’s or Kevin’s website. They raised the price to $25 since the original air date and only have one new Facebook post since then. As of August, 2022, the deal with the Sharks is officially dead. As of November, 2023, reliable revenue figures for this business are unavailable.

This page will be updated as new information on Ryan and Kelly Moynihan & Flasky Flowers becomes available.