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Grill Charms

Grill Charms, is a barbeque product invented by Leslie Haywood of Charleston, SC. Her husband barbecued both mild and spicy chicken, when he gave Leslie the wrong piece of meat. Leslie immediately came up with a solution. Put a charm on the meat before grilling and never get the wrong piece of meat again!

Grill CharmsLeslie’s Grill Charms is not only perfect for the Grilling Industry, but makes the perfect gift for anyone that owns a grill.

According to product marketing experts on The Big Idea, the Grill Charm isn’t the right name for the product. Both said the name doesn’t identify what the product is about. They would change the name, but they disagreed on the packaging. One expert liked it the other thought the product should be shown on meat.

According to Donny Deutsch, the packaging doesn’t describe the problem, “don’t know which steak is which?”

Leslie Haywood said women are Grill Charms target audience. The price is $19.95. Leslie took the advice of the experts by packaging Grill Charms with Shark Tank Success Story, Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce. This product should do great at the Pork Barrel BBQ restaurants.

Grill Charms Update:

Leslie Hayward negotiated a licensing agreement with Fox Run Brands, specialists in “grilling solutions” to manufacture and distribute her invention. Fox Run Brands is a leading designer, marketer and distributor of nationally-branded consumer products for the kitchen and home.

Grill Charms in current form will remain available through the 2012 Christmas holiday until Fox Run Brands begins distribution in early 2013.

Read this interview for an update: Grill Charms Update Interview with Leslie Haywood

For more information, check out Beyond the Tank episode 111.

Grill Charms Information:

Entrepreneur: Leslie Haywood from Charleston, SC

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Media Appearances

  • The Big Idea – Donny Duetsche – 1/30/2008 – “The Idea That Is Going To Make Millions”



  1. I would prefer something that told me which meat is rare medium etc… I still can’t tell how long to cook.

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