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Teddy Needs a Bath


teddy needs a bathTeddy Needs a Bath was invented when Huntington Beach, California “momtrepreneur” Nicole Townend couldn’t find a simple way to clean her daughter’s stuffed animals after they got filthy from frequent use and encounters with the family dog. She looked for a product that would allow her to safely clean the dirty, plush toys and found none; so she invented one! Teddy Needs a Bath is a zippered, cotton fabric bag that has just the right amount of porosity to allow dirty stuffed toys to come clean in the washing machine without getting ripped apart. Germs, dust mites, and lice can fester in dirty stuffed toys and they should be washed once a month or so with regular use. Nicole pitches Teddy Needs a Bath in Episode 414.

The Teddy Needs a Bath Shark Tank Recap

Nicole entered the Shark Tank seeking $50k for a 10% share of her business.  The Sharks like that Nicole’s had  $12,000 in sales on the Babies R Us website. Lori likes the product and sees a need, but she thinks she’s seen similar bags; she’s out. Robert can’t see a market and he goes out. Daymond thinks it’s too early, he’s out too. Mr. Wonderful offers $50K for 50%, but he wants 10% off the top until he recoups his investment. Mark offers $100K for 40%. Kevin drops the royalty and the percentage goes to 30%. Nicole steps into the hall to talk to her husband and when she returns, she counter Mark with $100K for 30% plus a 10% royalty until he gets his investment back. Mark says, “Done, done and done,” and Nicole leaves the Shark tank with funding for Teddy Needs a Bath.

Teddy Needs a Bath Shark Tank Update

The deal made between Nicole and Mark Cuban on air did not go through as seen in the Shark Tank. Cuban is working with her, but not as an investor. Cuban loaned Nicole the money to finance Purchase orders. Teddy Needs a Bath will be on the shelves at all Babies R Us and Bye Bye Babies stores. Traditional purchase order financing ranges from 15% to 20% interest for short term loans. Mark Cuban is financing Nicole for a better rate. He’s become a financier and advisor to the business.

The business is featured in an update segment in episode 501 from season 5. She’s in over 450 Babies R Us stores. In the update, Nicole reveals she has a licensing deal with the world’s largest Teddy bear maker: Gund. They’re taking over all the manufacturing and distribution and Nicole and her family moved to Hawaii!

The deal with Gund was for five years. In 2019, Nicole sold the brand to Charisma Brands for an undisclosed amount.

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  1. Keri Berg says

    She should market this to Build-A-Bear workshop and other stores like it. More people would see it and buy it.

    Side note: I’m definitely buying this item and can’t wait to get it in!! I have a whole bunch of build-a-bears that need a bath. 🙂

  2. I do not have little kids.I do however love the idea of the fabric you sell them seperate?

  3. Company is poorly run. All I ordered was their primary product, a washing bag. No contact phone number. Never replies to email – EVER.

    Placed an order and got a shipping notice quickly (label created, that’s it). It sat for 2+ weeks in “pre-shipment” status for a 3 day delivery package.

    Would not return an email. Surprisingly as soon as I threatened a chargeback in a second email, the item shipping status changed.

  4. I placed an order through the company website on 10/9/2017. The money has been taken from my account, but I still have not received the items. It is now 10/26/2017. I have sent multiple emails and messages through facebook. There is no phone number. I am extremely disappointed in the service so far and WILL NOT recommend this company to anyone in the future. If I don’t hear from them soon, I will consider contacting the Better Business Bureau to report them.

  5. Happy to hear. Her story, creativity/book and Mark’s badass guidance is a win/win imo.

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