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Drive Suits Shark Tank Update – Shark Tank Season 4

drive suits transformer costumes drew baumier shark tank episode 408Entrepreneur, entertainer, and inventor Drew Baumier wheels his Drive Suits Transformer Costumes into the Shark Tank in episode 408. Baumier likes the Transformers so much, he created Drive Suits, which he uses to entertain crowds at large events, kids’ birthday parties, and everything in between. He’s won around $25K in contests, but doesn’t have any real sales yet as he’s waiting on patents for the Transformer Costumes. Basically, the costumes turn you into a Transformer-like vehicle that travels around 10 MPH when you crouch into riding position. When you stand up, you look like a Transformer that’s been transformed!

Drive Suits Transformer Costumes Shark Tank Recap

Drew motored in with himself and three other people in Transformer costumes, much to the surprise and delight of the Sharks. Mr. Wonderful thinks Drew should pitch Drive Suits to major toy companies, but Mark disagrees because it would take too long. Robert thinks the business is nothing but trouble without patents, he’s out. Daymond is out with the “too soon” excuse and Barbara goes out because she thinks there will be liability issues.

Mark offers $150K for 40% of the company. He wants Drew to make 20 Transformer Costumes and go from there. He can continue to do events while they figure out the direction of the business. Mr. Wonderful offers $150K for 30% of the business but he wants to go straight to the toy companies for a deal. Drew weighs his options and decides to go with Kevin’s deal.

Drive Suits Transformer Costumes Shark Tank Update

Drew’s deal with Mr. Wonderful was dead before the show aired. Either the offer was withdrawn, or the toy companies he and Mr. Wonderful approached weren’t interested. Either way, the deal died somewhere in the due diligence phase after taping. Drew plans on selling the first Drive Suit Transformer Costumes to the public. He offers to custom build a suit – a 50 hour task – for anyone. He also continues to entertain at events and it appears his birthday party business is growing. Guys decked out in Drive Suits appear at parties and events in greater Cleveland and Pittsburgh and Drew is “not afraid to travel.”

Travel he did over the years. Since appearing, Drew had an ill-fated appearance – in full costume – on American Idol. He also won a couple thousand bucks on “Let’s Make a Deal,” where he appeared in full costume. He’s renamed the business side to “Robots and Cars Entertainment, Inc.” and he has over 2 million Youtube views. As of August, 2021, he’s still in business but reliable revenue figures are unavailable. As of December, 2022, the company is out of business.

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