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Earplugs by Vibes

earplugsIt took a ruptured eardrum for Jackson Mann to get the idea for Vibes earplugs; it happened while attending a concert a few years ago. He set out to make earplugs that didn’t block the sound of music, but rather lowered the decibels to safe levels. Vibes also allows wearers to hear conversations while wearing them.

Unlike “traditional” earplugs made from soft foam, Vibes uses a “special sound tube and sound-enhancing acoustic filters that balance and modify the sound waves properly.” This means you can hear the music without the bass blowing out your eardrums.

At $24 a pair, Vibes won’t break a music lover’s bank account and they could save many people hearing loss like Mann suffered. Mann donates a portion of his profits to the Hear The World Foundation, a non-profit that helps disadvantaged people with hearing loss. He sells a lot of earplugs at concerts and music festivals; he probably wants a Shark to help him sell more in more venues.

My Take on Earplugs

I took to wearing standard foam earplugs at live music events about 15 years ago when the guitar player from my favorite local band ruptured BOTH eardrums at a club one night. He urged me to wear them lest I suffer the same fate. Last week in Las Vegas, I wore some while front and center at a Snoop Dog show. The bass was so loud, it shook my drink off the table when I wasn’t looking; I’m glad I had them on!

Vibes is both a product and a preventative health device. You only have one set of ears and if they go, you are out of luck. I never tried them, but I get the logic behind the product. I like that they allow you to have a conversation while wearing them too. If you ever tried talking to someone at a loud concert, you know what I mean. For that reason, I am IN.

Will the Sharks hear the Music?

Vibes is clearly a needed product, but there are other similar products on the market. Some cost less, some cost more. The challenge for Vibes is differentiating themselves from the other earplugs on the market that do the same thing. A Shark Tank appearance can certainly help with that.

Sales and margins will decide whether vibes gets a deal or not. It has the potential of raising the “it’s a product, not a company” objection from the Sharks, but if there’s serious money to be made, that’s easily overcome. I’m not confident the Sharks bite on this but the exposure should guarantee Vibes sells a lot of earplugs.

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