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Jax Sheets for Men

jaxWen Muenyi got the idea for Jax Sheets after buying expensive silk sheets for himself. He loved the way they feeled, but he didn’t like the price, so he set out to create sheets that had a silk feel without the price tag. He also wanted the sheets to be sustainable.

Wen settled on bamboo fibers, which are silky smooth and more sustainable than cotton. He infuses the sheets with silver as an anti microbial agent, so you don’t have to wash them as frequently and they won’t smell. The odd bit is why market Jax as “sheets for men?”

Apparently, Wen believes men to be “bed slobs.” Men sweat more than women in bed – so the breathability of the sheets is important. According to Wen’s website, men aged 18-25 only wash their sheets 4 times a year. That means their beds have more bacteria than a toilet seat. The silver is anti bacterial – just for the guys. So now, you never have to wash your sheets again, but when you do – they won’t pill up. Wen hopes to get in bed with a Shark and take his business to the next level.

My Take on Jax Sheets

I slept on silk sheets on my honeymoon. They are pretty comfy. If I could be promised the silk experience for $149, I’m buying these tonight! As for the other sheets for men claims, I guess guys can be pretty gross. Sheets get nasty quickly. My wife changes our sheets every Sunday after breakfast. She’s been doing that for years and will continue to do so even if we get these sheets.

It looks like you can get  the sheet sets in any color you want, as long as it’s gray. That’s fine because all our sheets are gray, so they’ll fit right in. Unfortunately for me, I was unable to buy a set. We have a California King mattress and they are not selling that size. I guess I’ll have to wait and hope Wen gets a deal.

Will Sharks go to Bed With These Sheets?

I personally think Wen would have aa better angle pitching the sustainability and comfort angle instead of “guys are gross.” I have a feeling it may turn the Sharks off, particularly the lady Sharks. If they’re truly “silk sheet” comfortable, that ought to be enough of a selling point for the price.

Using the 18-25 demographic for sheet buying is a bit off too. When I was that age I mostly slept on a bare fitted sheet in a sleeping bag. I was probably as gross as Wen describes, but I just didn’t care. Guys will never change. I don’t have any particular reason that I believe Wen won’t get a deal, it’s just his social media hasn’t posted in over a year and his website doesn’t look like a site that screams “I got a deal on Shark Tank!”


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