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The Verdict is SLAWSOME!

Slawsa is SLAWSOMESlawsa is the “Slawsome” new condiment that’s available all over the USA. Entrepreneur, hot dog lover, and Hot Dog Stories fan Julie Busha is pretty Slawsome herself. She’s been sending the new condiment to me for a couple of years to bring on my journeys to various hot dog joints all over the place. Now she’s gonna be famous because on Friday, November 15, Julie and her Slawsa are going into the Shark Tank! She’s the first person to appear on the show I knew before they were on Shark Tank. As a hot dog lover and big Slawsa fan, I’m pretty excited!

Will the Sharks think Slawsa is Slawsome?

I’m not Shark, I’m the Hotdogman, so I’m not making any predictions today. What I did is make a little video montage of myself and other hot dog connesseurs trying Slawsa. Over the past couple of summers, I’ve taken Slawsa “on tour” with me on my quest to find cool hot dog joints. I had an Appalachian Dog with Slawsa at Archie’s on a Roll, a Slawzilla Dog at the Dogfather, and a lot of other yummy hot dogs with Slawsa. Shark Tank alum Tracy Noonan from Wicked Good Cupcakes and I tried Slawsa down at JJ’s Junction last summer too. Where ever I take it, people try it out and the verdict is in: Slawsa is the most slawsome new condiment to hit the shelves since dill relish!

Whatever the outcome for Julie and Slawsa, she’s sure to win some new fans and customers. Slawsa is great on hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, and even as a side on its own. It’s a nice crunchy, mustardy, cole slawish flavor explosion! In short, it’s SLAWSOME!

Enjoy the video of folks enjoying Slawsa at hot dog joints in New England. Featured spots are Archie’s in Marlboro, MA; Larry Joe’s New England Fire Pit in Mendon, MA; Snappy Dogs in Hopkinton, MA; JJ’s Junction in Cohasset, MA; Zippity Do Dog in Framingham, MA; The Dogfather in Worcester, MA; Hoss and Mary’s in Old Orchard Beach, Maine; and Wieners in Portland, Maine.

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