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Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory brings homemade Sweet Potato Pie to your home

Mr. Tod's Pie Factory

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory brings homemade Sweet Potato Pie to your home. Tod Wilson is the Entrepreneur, Chef and Brainchild behind Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory, something that he thought up while learning the bakery business while working for his Godfather. Wilson worked at the bakery for four years.

Now, he’s got his own business, Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory. He went on Shark Tank to ask for The Sharks help in investing and growing his business. Both Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran connected with Tod Wilson; they saw not only did he have passion for his business, he had a great product and a plan that would work.

Since that time, Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory added Cheesecakes, Fruit Cakes, Muffins and more. Of course, the favorite is the original Sweet Potato Pie.

He intended to make Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory a wholesale business, but his branding has worked so well that his retail business is incredible with lines out the door of his store in New Jersey. He’s even taking his business mobile and he launched a contest for a special person to become his mascot. He’s also working on a new reality TV show, called “Pie Man” that he plans to pitch to TV executives.

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory Rings Bell at NASDAQ

The Sharks were so impressed with Tod Wilson and Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory that they included him when they were invited to ring the opening bell at NASDAQ.

He’s shipping fan favorite Sweet Potato Pie to people across the United States along with other specialties and again, he’s dominating the Somerset, New Jersey area with Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory fanatics.

He says all of his products take considerable work as they make everything from scratch so that it will have the perfect fresh home baked taste every time. He’s the only one that has the secret recipes to make his products.

Watch for his update airing on Shark Tank this Friday night. For more info on Mr. Tod’s, click here.


  1. Bob Warren says

    Have a Fantastic Friday!

  2. Anne Thomas says

    That is a great success story 🙂 I wish Mr Tod wonderful success, sounds like he has passion and perseverance and will go far.

  3. Tom Laing (@tomlaing) says

    Pies are a great business, everyone eats them and the extension into cheesecake and other lines is logical but (you knew it was coming didn’t you) the margins over time will be squeezed because price will win over quality every time in the food business. Just my thoughts.

    • Tom, it might, but Tod Wilson has been sticking with his model for several years. There’s another business that went on Shark Tank and was funded too. That is Daisy Cakes, Kim Nelson. She makes a premium product that is very expensive and they sell out all the time.

      The Sharks recognize the value of the premium product and if they start using cheaper strategies both of these businesses will lose their edge and fail. It is a great lesson for Entrepreneurs because in these two instances, compromising quality would be the death of the business model and I don’t see either one of them changing their quality.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

      • last baby boomer says

        There will always be a place for premium products in the market. If the business model is strong and you paid attention to the margins you will be fine. If you do not manage the margins you will have major cash flow problems very quickly.

  4. Jan Kaptein (@Cagoraman) says

    Very interesting story!

  5. Good luck for the future to Tod

  6. CollegeComplete says

    Good luck

    I worked in a pie factry making 10,000 pies a night if he wants to remain the only one who knows the recipe he is a fool, do you know how much work it is to make that many pies at a time.

    • I’m guessing that he blends the key ingredients in a premix and then employees add the premix to the other ingredients. That allows him to keep his recipe secret while not having to be with employees that are making the pies.

      That would be tough! 🙂

  8. Steven Hamberg says

    Congrats Tod for the successful business adventure…

  9. Great story, I love it when people with a passion have the success they deserve! And I like your reply to Tom Laing – exceptional quality and love for a product (or service) make for a sustainable advantage over competitors that lack these.

  10. Somerset isn’t that far from where I live in New Jersey…I should go check out the store!

  11. Jason Flaugh says

    There seem to be more of these mail order pie companies popping up. Tell him to work on his marketing, adding social media in the mix, maybe a few promotion videos; if he isn’t already doing so. His Chocolate Pecan Pie looks good. His site is pretty simple to navigate.

  12. Goodluck!!! 🙂

  13. Great story. I don’t watch TV due to tight schedule. However, I’ll search YouTube for Mr. Pie. My question is whether he operate outside his home state, or he has a franchise plan to expand his business.

  14. Yum ! Pies… I like pie….. im not too sure about the sweet potato pie thing ..i wish him success !

  15. walter smart says

    Hi Mr Tod, i am so proud of you .it apperrs that you have past the test .i would like to say i understand partly what you have gone see my website i been thru some terrable times with it so .much headachs i
    i am a retired trucker.i did it to make a living for 45 years i have a patent on this shiftknob cover call thesmartgrip so this is why i said i .am so proud of you .i work part time for a trucking and i notice when you produce a food product that every one like you are in good bussiness i pick up from Dawn cake in York pa.and they are some busy year to chat with you sometime.
    walt Smart 609 472 0203

  16. his store is in the shopping center down the street from my house. its somerset, not summerset.

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